Mourinho answers brazilian fans in Yahoo! Brasil twitter

Hello my dear Blues fans! We all know Jose is working for Yahoo as a commentator for World Cup, and he answered some questions of brazilian fans in Yahoo! Brasil twitter accont @YahooBr

It was a very nice "interview" and, as I think not many of you speak portuguese, I'm translating his answers for you. Thanks WAGNH for the great work, hope you can apreaciate this too :3

Fan: What do you need to stop and say: "I won everything, there's nothing left."

JM: I won everything, but I want to win all over again.

Fan: Would you be a manager for a brazilian team?

JM: In football, you can never say never

Fan: What are the weak points of brazilian national team, and how would you explore if you face them in a match?

JM; I don't play against Brazil

Fan: Do you follow south american football? What do you think about it?

JM: I follow new talents. Every european manager should do it.

Fan: What do you think of Mexico's national team?

JM: A good team, they're getting better as more players go to Europe

Fan: Can we rely on your support (on Brazil) ?

JM: Yes, because I have 4 players there

Fan: Any game of your childhood you still remind today?

JM: I saw my father playing many times and I have great memories

Fan: Hi Jose, when will you coach Internazionale again?

JM: Hello, I don't know, but I would love to

Fan: Is true that european players have more tactical knowledge than brazilians?

JM: We can always learn tactics. The most important is technique.

Fan: What was the best team you ever managed in your career?

JM: I have won 21 trophies, all of them with fantastic groups of players and people.

Fan: How to motivate a team to face Bayern?

JM: I have faced Bayern 4 times. I won with Chelsea and Inter, then lose in penalties with Real and Chelsea. A Drawn

Fan: Do you think 4-2-3-1 will dominate the World Cup again?

JM: It's rare playing with 2 strikers today. Systems with 1 striker should always overcome systems with 2.

Fan: What's the most equilibrated team in World Cup?

JM: World squads depends much more on talent than on tactics

Fan: What are your bets for the world cup?

JM: I don't have a favorite. It will not have any surprise.

Fan: Who is the best, Messi or Ronaldo?

JM: They're different, we can't compare them.

Fan: What you said to the players in the moment of Ba's goal against PSG?

JM: I said we still have time to win, we needed organization

Fan: Why you use David Luiz as a midfielder instead of a CB?

JM: Because I have Terry and Cahill very realiable in the back and David has midfielder qualities

Fan: Why Kevin De Bruyne leaved?

JM: Because he wanted to.

Fan: If you were invited to train Brazil in 2018 World Cup, would you accept it?

JM: I will still be in Chelsea

Fan: After your manager career, would you turn into a club director or would you stop?

JM: In 20 years it could be a possibility

Fan: What are you thinking about riots in Brazil?

JM: Brazil it's a great country and I hope it could resolve the social problems

Fan: What team do you think will do best in World Cup? Belguim or England?

JM: Belguim got an easier group, but England is more experienced

Fan: Would you manage Barcelona?

JM: I don't think so

Fan: What was the best World Cup game you ever saw?

JM: Italy vs Germany, 1982 WC final

Fan: What can we except from Chelsea for next season?

JM: From Chelsea you can expect the title

Fan: What's more difficult, playing against unbeatable teams or against egos in your own dressing room?

JM: There's no unbeatable team

Fan: Do you think the Chelsea veterans Terry, Cole, Eto'o and Lampard can play one more season?

JM: Yes, they can play one more season

Fan: Would you end your career at Porto, where everything started, or would you end as a national coach?

JM: No

Fan: Do you have admiration for some brazilian manager?

JM: Otto Gloria is a legend in Portugal

Fan: What's the secret of sucess?

JM: Talent, work and believing in what you're doing

Fan: Would you manage any brazilian team?

JM: In football, you can never say never

Fan: Will Lukaku and Courtois return to Chelsea for next season?

JM: I know what's going to happen. But I should not tell yet.

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