As agonizingly cliché my introduction might sound, there is an inevitable truth in it that for years now, masses of media lobotomized hybrids of idiots have failed to, (wait what? Failed to? That’s caressing the increasingly odoriferous saga ) have chosen not to recognise. In recent years, both Chelsea and Mourinho have become like boxers being repeatedly punched by an opponent boxer who chooses to look away in order to protect his face. We all know what happens in a scenario such as this, of course there will be blind punches which most often won’t touch the opponents face and secondly, anytime the blind boxer chooses to look at his counterpart, he risks a deadly counterattacking blow. The media and opponent fans will always blindly criticize us and our style of play and time and again, when the occasion presents itself, we will again land the deadly counterattacking blow. We have done it while facing our greatest opponents and with the introduction of a world class striker, we will do it with a certain degree of consistency. Now opponent fans and neutrals reading this by now will be thinking to themselves, "it’s same old story, they park the bus and then counterattack and win" and my favorite of all "they cannot break down smaller teams". I find all these arguments extremely humorous and disappointing for people who claim to be football enthusiasts. Here’s the part of the article which brings us to the genius earlier mentioned, I wouldn’t repeat his name since it has become an element of blasphemy throughout the European footballing community. Yes, the Chelsea Portuguese Genius has surpassed Voldermort’s overall approval ratings by the committee of British villains. Now as fair football enthusiast, temporarily rid of your affiliation with any team, let’s examine the Genius’s career. While supporting Chelsea, I became a part-time monitor of the Genius’s Madrid and for those saying he is an anti-football tactician; you really need to watch some Madrid games under the Genius. Though the team was quite unsuccessful in the Mourinho standards, it was actually the most exciting team mourinho ever built. In fact, to summarize, Madrid was like Brendan Rodger’s Liverpool except not leaking defensively and actually knew how to break down a parked bus. Most of you are probably laughing at that but it’s true, I refer you to two model games, Madrid Vs. Pellegrini’s possession high pressing based Malaga and Madrid Vs. Sir Alex Ferguson the great’s counterattacking Manchester United . In these two games, I witnessed a severely parked bus by both Manchester and Malaga. In fact, they were like one of those buses parked by a terrorist who called the police not to approach for there was a bomb inside. You should take note the Genius actually had strikers though not his ideal ones. What I saw was a calm, fast passing and accurately calculated quick transitioning Madrid who never really looked prone to a counterattack. Mourinho motioned to a few players here and there, players dropping quickly into the parked bus tight spaces, a swift tactical change, combining here and there and in the space of twenty minutes the scores changed dramatically .In fact, the manner at which the goal themselves came playing against Malaga prompted the commentator to embroil his comments with marvel Benzema! Goal! How about that? Collective showing off by real Madrid, a goal that says we will score when we want! .Those comments sum my arguments all up all up, not only can he set the defences up, but he can also break them down .It was all a result of an acute interpretation of space by a manager known to most as an anti-football tactician. Genius I repeat. You don’t agree? Contrast this to the way the so called high-scoring beautiful football advocate Rodgers tried to break us down. If the half-wits do not understand what I’m leaning towards by now, I’m saying it takes a certain type of genius to be able to both set up a rigid defence and a special attack. Mind you that season Madrid had an average of 103 goals scored and 135 goals prior to that. Putting aside beautiful football, which is actually just 1/3 of his genius; let’s examine the entirety of his genius shall we? By doing that, lets breakdown what football is in essence ignoring all the abstracts which seems to both capture and be an excuse for most neutral fans these days. It is a game played by 22 people, 11 on each side with either of them attempting to score more goals than their opponents in order to secure a victory. By this definition, Genius understood that firstly, in order to deny the opponents a victory, you have to primarily stop them from scoring and secondly, you have score them when they are most vulnerable. Using this, mourinho shaped his whole footballing philosophy into adapting to the opponents play, weaken them and then score. That is Genius for anyone who just gets introduced into the world of football. Why struggle creating a philosophy which will one day be discovered by a certain opponent who will mark your downfall as for the case of pep’s Barca and Bayern when you can just set up your philosophy to disarm all other philosophies. Do you see the genius by now? No? Just look at all the top teams who came into the league expecting to attack and destroy, when they got to Chelsea, there was a simple inevitability, they were disarmed. That’s the DNA of some of the world’s most accomplished chess masters. Just look at Bobby Fisher, he didn’t only have a game plan, but he also had a game plan to disarm yours and a game plan to adapt to disarm yours once you know his game plan as opposed to chess player out there who only had a game plan(Moyes and Rodgers) . This is exactly mourinho except with his recent Chelsea; he is without a queen (metaphor for the striker). Of course like a chess master, he still manages to disarm his opponent. Genius’s teams are like an anti-virus for all viruses, you name it. In fact, the only time mourinho ever loses is due to the player’s fatigue. Mourinho has in fact simplified the whole complexity of his approach, it is almost impossible to see his genius at work, that’s why you would see several tactical analysts such as zonal marking tossing the game to trash. Well we thank GOD their writers aren’t managing Chelsea now don’t we? In every parked bus, there is always a space. You need to analyze the attacking opponents playing style in order to stop them finding that space. If you cannot find that space, that is if you cannot attack fluently as per usual, you have been tactically outclassed plain and simple. I mean why fight to attack you when we can just stroll from our goal post to yours such as Willian and Torres did against liverpool? At this juncture, I’d like to refer you to the couple of philosophies exposed by Mourinho

· Manchester City high-pressing possession (blew up their attack and counterattacked like mad dogs whilst not even emphasizing on defence)

· Liverpool beautiful counterattacking

· Barcelona possession

· High-flying Southampton’s pressing

· Arsenal beautiful passing ( 6-0 in which we weren’t even defending )

If you’re still reading, please pay attention to this. By definition, at least with regards to the abstract, football is all about glory, blah blah blah blah blah *sleeps* * wakes up*. The way loosing neutrals have taken to defining football these days is subject to being an irresistible attractive Laughing-stock . They don’t understand their own excuse of a definition that’s why they just shamelessly blurt it out. You have to understand, glory does not come solely from beauty but from winning. Let me dissect that phrase for you, in essence, beauty alone cannot give you glory, contrary to winning which in itself can present you with a lengthy feeling of orgasmic glory. Sleep on that neutrals, wake up and then take a bow for this genius. Mourinho has created a system that will not momentarily last like these cheap attacking philosophies but for ages.

If by now you don’t agree he is a genius, well good luck to you then, don’t fear him. Ask for me? , I’ll just be here relaxing, sipping on my Fruit juice counting down the days to when we disarm your treasurable beautiful philosophy.

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