Squad for next season?

Warning: This is long, and if you are too lazy to read ,you can skip to the bottom.

Even though it is a little early to be thinking of the summer, but the defeat got me thinking of what is going to happen to the squad over the summer. Looking at the various posts by fans, and by the regulars, there seems to be a trend of those who want to see our young players get a chance, and those who prefer to sign already top class players. I personally want us to start incorporating young players into the squad. Im going to say my opinion, and you are welcome to say what you think should happen in the comments.


Courtouis: Most clean sheets in La Liga, one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the age of 21. Potential to be one of the best ever keepers imo.

Cech: Most clean sheets in the prem, has been one of the best goalkeepers in the world for the last 12 years. Chelsea legend.

It is really hard for me to choose one, even though I would rather see check be the keeper for the time being, i don't want to see courtouis leave and miss out on a talent like he is. I think we should look at real madrid and how they are handling Diego Alves and Casillas. We should play cech in all cup competitions, and courtouis in the league.

Right Back: Not much needs to be changed here, even though Iva has been very frustrating with his crosses, defensively he has been brilliant, and Azpilicueta is just Dave. No higher praise than that. Todd Kane started really well at blackpool, but I can't see him being chelsea's right back. I think Kalas should stay in the club and be a backup for centerback and right back. Omeruo should go on loan to a premier league side.

Center Back: Cahill = Rock, Terry = Solid. Iva showed us at anfield that he is still terrific in this position. Kalas showed that he is a good backup, and I already spoke about Omeruo. Terry should be given another one year deal. Christensen should go out on loan. Ake should stay and like Kalas, be a backup. And We will have Zouma who is great.

Left Back: Dave can play here really well, and I think we should let Ash go, he has been incredible for us, but I feel that its time to move on. Now this something that many won't like, and despite wanting academy graduates to be successful, I just prefer Shaw over Bertrand. I can't picture bertand ever being as good as cole ever was, or being near to being the best left back in the world. Whereas shaw has that potential. He also is a chelsea fan which is a huge plus in my eyes. Ake can also be a decent backup. Van Aanholt should make a permanent move to vitesse, he has been terrific there, but I also prefer shaw over him. I know shaw will cost a lot, but the money saved from coles contract and selling bert and aanholt will make it more bearable for the FFP regulations.

CDM: I think we should keep luiz at the club. His versatility is nice, but I really like his character, he is funny, full of passion, and at times is a leader. we don't want to end up like arsenal having a passionless players. He should not be played at center back, I feel that it is too risky (plus we have terry, Iva, cahill, ake, kalas, and omeruo). Plus, when he has played alongside Matic, we have been dominant, and very successful (you might remember the mou masterclass at the etihad). Matic has been a revelation and should be our #1 choice to start there. I think Lamps should get another one year deal, and can play a similar role to this season. MvG and Chalobah and Ake in my eyes, are good enough to play their part next season. Maybe even mceachran. Many people think we need to make one more big signing, I just think we can play luiz in there and rotate the young players, lamps, and mikel. If it doesnt work out in the first few games, then maybe we can pay. I think we should keep mikel, been at the club basically 8 years, solid defensively, can do a job in the tight games where we may need to defend well like what he did against liverpool. I think that we should cash in on ramires. Yes he has the odd game of pure dominance and rape. But he loses his anger too quickly and lashes out too much, is great when we are on the counter, but in matches where we dominate the ball, he is useless, he cant pick out a pass to save his life. i feel like MvG, and Chalobah would be more effective than he is. Pasalic out on loan.

CAM/LM/RM: Oscar, Salah, Hazard, Willian, Schurrle. all except willian 24 or younger. All Pacey counter attacking players. All fantastic players with good futures. No outs no ins. All the young players should go out on loan again, maybe one can stay and play a very small role like piazon, or thorgan hazard.

St: Ba has said he will leave, i don't think eto'o will resign, and although at times he has been decent, I'd prefer not to resign him. Lukaku in, Goals in. Torres + money for Costa (can't see us going for anyone else, i have my doubts about balotelli, cavani just moved to PSG, i dont really dig the falcao vibe.) and I think we need a third striker. But I think that he should be a youngster that can play a small role as the third choice striker. Patrick Bamfordinho. I know that bamford still has not even played a game at the top flight level. But one thing his track record suggests is that he comes with goals. I think it is worth the risk, and im sure he will score more than either torres or ba have this season. Some people think we should bring lukaku in and sign 2 strikers, I think we only need to sign one, and use what we have. Izzy Brown, Izzy Feruz, Stipe Perica, Dom Solanke (really think he will be special for some reason) out on loan or play with the u21's. And MAYBE, king dider could be back, a 3rd choice to lukaku and costa or whoever we sign.) and he can be a player coach.


Get Rid Of: Cole, Bertrand, Van Aanholt, Ba, Eto'o, Torres, Ramires, Marin, and Moses.

Bring In: Costa (or any top class striker) and Shaw and maybe Drogba if he accepts a small player coach role.

Start to Use: Chalobah, Kalas, Ake, MvG, Bamford, Lukaku, Possibly McEachran, Zouma and Courtouis.

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