Written in the Stars and the War in Madrid

Enough has been said and written about Sunderland and I would just like to reiterate a fact we all following this beautiful Club are well aware of:
We always win it the Hard way ;as Drogba said it is "written in the stars" and if it is so, then things find its way and we win be th Champions.
If not,just remember that God has better things in Store for the Future and that Victory will be all the More sweeter, KEep the Faith and KTBFFH!

Now to the Match, or the War in the Vicente Calderon that awaits us this Tuesday. And after having closely following Athleti for the past 5 years( Kun aguero being the reason), i can asuure you this is the perhaps the Biggest game to be Played in the Calderon for a very long time.
Simieone, though the Greatest Tactician, is perhaps the best Motivator around in World Football(of course after Mou).
Diego Costa,Arda have been talking , as this being the Defing Moment in their History, where if they win the CL, they will be immortals and also alluded to the fact how Simieone unleashes them
before every game and they are willing to do anything and everything to win.

So, we all know we have a battle in our hands, in the Past years we have always faced team, which though may be have been at a higher level in terms of gameplay but no one could match our Team for our Spirit and that body- on- the Line- Defending.
But in Athleti, we have finally found a match. Though there are some tactical details , this is 1 match which will be Won merely by the Team with the Greater willingness to work for the team and leave everything on the Pitch.

Now for the Tactical aspects of the game:
As i mentioned earlier, i have been following for 4 years and though the Players and Coaches have Changed, they have somehow carried a similar playing Style with a few modifications.

1)They Start as a 4-4-2: Courtois-Juanfran-Miranda-Godin-Luis-{Gabi-Tiago}-Koke(left)-Arda(right)-Garcia/Villa (CF)-Costa(ST).

2)However,the front Four are given freedom to Roam around and exchange but at no time you wil see Athleti Players dominate a particular wing with more than 2players, a
common Chelsea Problem as in many of our Gameplays all players suffocate a particular wing with Only Ivanovic offering a switch.

3) Athleti Fullbacks are attacking to the tee, with both Luis and Juanfran with excellent Crossing ability and are equally Concentrated on their defensive side of the Game.

4) However, here lies their Weakness. Juanfran is a converted RB(Rm at first) and is as commited a player you might find but has obvious defnsive frailities. Many Athleti Goals have come from his side and it requires a Shimmy/Dribble and he is left for dead. At this stage Juanfran often makes silly tackles or
leaves the Player. aND Willian is the player who will make it work as his workrate will ensure we have cover for our FBs and on the break, Willian will beat Juanfran 8 times/10.

5) Filipe is great LB but has a natural tendency like most Lbs, have to drift in the Centre and Playing Schurrle on that side will allow him to have an extra yard or 2 where he can unleash his long range Shots.

6) Athleti, cross from all areas of the pitch and that makes the 2nd Ball a vital component as KOke,Arda and Garcia are always queing up to feed off Costa's Scraps.
Rami, though with Boundless energy often leave the place vacant and so Lamps with Specific Orders from Mou to Guard outsude the Box and Clear the Balls and spray his 1st ime Passes to the Athleti Defense whose Core lacks Speed.

Finally, i just hope we will fired up after the Sunderland Game and with my Favourite Geezer in the Game, I m Hoping a 1-1 or a 2-1 in our Favour.

(PS: Eto'o is starting the Game at Madrid, Spain and his familiarity with the Calderon)

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