Time for pruning the drivel off the Squad. What would you do in the summer? This is what I'd do?

If you were Mou/Emenalo/the board, what would you do with the current Chelsea squad in the summer?

This is what I would do ideally.


Luiz(35); Mikel(15); Romeu(9:include buy back 3yrs); Torres(if possible:15); Ba(9); Moses(8); PVA(7); Bertrand(8); Marin(6); Kakuta(2.5)

Delac(1); Davilla(0.5); Pirez(0.5); Lalkovic(1); Clifford(0.5);

Saville(1.5; buy back clause3yrs); McEachran(5: 3yr buy back clause a must); Kane(1.5; 3yr buy back clause)

Cole(free); Schwarzer(free); Pappoe(free); Hutchinson(free)

Total: 120-140m; give or take-including Torres situation


Torres: Is there anything left to say?

David Luiz: He is probably my favorite Chelsea player currently, but I think we should let him go. I've always said that a talented player him should master a position and make it his own. Make himself indispensable to the team-but it's just not happening for him here. He is very good for the locker room, the club and fans love him but we should let him go and get a proper CM. Ramires is not starting material but he is perfect for a squad role. The sale of Luiz enables us to get someone to partner Matic.

Mikel: One of my favorites too. He is not appreciated enough. A change of scenery could do wonders for him. Was made to sacrifice his natural game and now, it seems like at Chelsea he will only ever play one role. This guy was on the same level with Messi as a 17yr old. He should try to reinvent himself somewhere else ala Yaya Toure. Toure moved on from Bacelona to City at the same age.

Romeu: Time to let go, hopefully he can have a Matic like transformation and we buy back.

Moses: Not good enough. Can't even beat Sterling for a spot.

Bertrand: Will always be average. wants to start. Average can't start for Chelsea.

PVA: Very good going forward, still very average at defending. We need reliability in our FBs. He can't provide that.

Marin: Sad. Time to move on. Injuries, only plays(and plays very well) in pre-season

Kakuta: Tragic, Could have been much more. Needs a little stability and change of scenery.

Delac, Davilla, Lalkovic,Clifford, Pirez: All not good enough.

Saville, Kane, McEachran could all come good. Either sell with buy back clause or keep for another 3yrs. I really want to see one of them make it here, especially McEachran.


Costa(35-40); Shaw(25); A very good passing, robust, stable CM for 20-45, Gundogan would be perfect but INJURIES!

Total. 80-110m; give or take.


Courtois, Zouma, Lukaku, Atsu.


GKs: Courtois, Cech, Blackman

RBs: Azpi, Iva, (kalas/Omeruo)

CBs: Cahill, Terry, Zouma, (Iva/Kalas/Omeruo)

LBs: Azpi, Shaw

CMs: New cool CM, Matic, Ramires, MVG, Lamps(final yr maybe),(Academy can fill emergency 6th slot,RLC! )

AMs: Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle, Atsu, Salah

STs: Costa, Lukaku(gets his chance and this sends message to other loanies), Eto

Would probably loan one of Kalas or Omeruo,likely Kalas because he hasn't played this yr. Another year without games could greatly hinder development, but I don't think Terry can play week in week out anymore. Terry is also an injury away from retirement and I doubt he will be injury free next season.


DF/FBs: Wallace, Cuevas

DF/CDMs: Ake, Chalobah(EPL loan preferable)

CMs: Baker, Pasalic, Swift,

AMs: Thorgan(EPL), Traore, Piazon(EPL),

FWs: Feruz, Bamford(EPL), Perica,

Take 10m and buy 2-3 other unknown young prospects identified and loan them.

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