Chelsea have too much midfield talent!!

So I was playing some Fifa career mode as Chelsea (I always get the urge when the team does well) and I decided that since I love ALL our players so much, I wanted to completely avoid the transfer market, and use only the players we have.

The problem?...

I couldn't keep them all happy! "I want to start the game".. "I'm not happy with my playing time" etc etc.

Now this is NOT a Fifa article. But the thing is, all this got me thinking, what ARE Chelsea gonna do with all their talent, we as fans find an attachment with players almost immediately, we see youngsters and think, this one's gonna lead Chelsea to glory, (eg. people thought this about De Bruyne, now he's gone...) but we have far too many players for them to all do that.

Let's take a look:

Eden Hazard, Thorgan Hazard, Lucas Piazon (LUCAS FUCKING PIAZON), Oscar, Schurrle, Willian, Salah, Ramires, David Luiz (?), Mikel, Matic, Atsu, Van Ginkel..

That's so much world class (or soon to be world class) talent, there's only 5 spots available. And yes, I know there's a bench, but how many of these players, if they reach the potential we hope they do, would be happy on the bench (maybe Mikel).. For example, a lot of people want to see Piazon succeed, but unless he somehow beats Hazard, he won't do it at Chelsea (I'm not saying he can't one day beat Hazard, but even if he does we lose a great player). And on the right wing we have Willian, Salah and Schurrle who all deserves starts, but can't all have them. In number 10 spot, we actually don't have that much competition except for some of the wingers who want to come in or Van Ginkel if he wants to become more attacking. Except for Thorgan Hazard, I personally want to see him succeed, "the Hazard brothers" both plying their trade at CFC. But I do love Oscar, and once again, we simply can't see both of these players become Chelsea legends.

Now in the defensive midfield spots, Matic is a must, I can say right now that years from now he will be one of the "Old Guard" from Mourinho's second Chelsea. That only leaves one spot, and for me I want David Luiz to fill it (personal opinion: He's a god in midfield), but Rami and Mikel have both been so loyal to us over the years and Rami especially has been a huge part of our success in recent years (so much energy!!)

So.. Who do we keep, who do we sell? I guess we can't tell until some of them start outperforming the others and REALLY earning their spots. But who are your favourites?

The poll is for RW, but let me know in the comments your thoughts on Eden vs Piazon and Thorgan vs Oscar

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