The Killer Instinct

Last 4 in the Champions League, challenging for the Prem do we really need to buy a striker in the summer?



Jose has done a remarkable job, getting Chelsea to the semi-final and half challenging for the league, while only having the 3 of Ba, Eto and Torres.

On the outside things look good, we score goals and can create chances so why is everyone crying out for the strikers. The answer is simple - to change a game. When Ba came on and scored the winner we were reminded what it felt like to have a good striker (Drogba) A player who could win games on his own. This is what a striker must do. This is the obvious reason why the best LB in the world would not go for anywhere near the same money as a Zlatan or Falcao - unless of course you are United trying to sign Luke Shaw. A striker is expensive because they lead the team, create for the team and score for the team.

An example - although I dislike with a passion; Liverpool.

Would Liverpool be anywhere near the top 4 without the SAS. No, would Athletico Madrid be at the top of Liga BBVA. But I doubt they would be in pole position to win it.

This is why Chelsea have lacked in the league this season. Losing to Villa, Palace and West Brom to say the least is when we needed a performance from a striker. Suarez has scored 29 goals and 11 assists this season while Sturridge has 20 goals and 8 assists. Take away Liverpool’s 10 penalty’s scored this season and those stats make 60 goals this season, originating from 2 players. Lets look at Chelsea’s strikers. Torres has 4 goals and 4 assists, Ba has 3 goals and 1 assist, while Eto has 8 goals and 2 assists, a total of 22 goals. So this is why we need a world class striker, but who is available?

Here they are, starting from most realistic to least

1. Costa

2. Mandzukic

3. Martinez

4. Lavezzi

5. Balotelli

6. Cavani

7. Doumbia

8. Muriel

I will only look at the top 3 I am sure lots of people will have watched YouTube clips of them but here is my little summary about them

1. Costa – he is a strong, physical player he like contact. He is very direct and uses his speed and power to dribble with the ball, he is a very clinical finisher and would be available for 40m – also a goalkeeping situation may be able to help force out a deal

2. Mandzukic – Tall, good in the air, very good at holding the ball up. Suited for the Prem, alongside Costa, He is currently out of favour at Bayern with often being on the bench and having his role filled up by a DM, he is looking for a summer move and would be available for around 20m.

3. Martinez – another hard working forward, who is good in front of goal, good heading more like a Mandzukic but better at dribbling, not to say it’s his greatest asset. Its Porto so we would have to pay about 70 million

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