Our Strikers: Non-existent, lets see who else are non-existent in the world?

Yeah, much discussed, much talked about and the general consensus is pretty much the same: OUR STRIKERS ARE NOT STRIKERS. Its so conclusive that even Mourinho himself has expressed that!

So, I took the liberty of doing a bit of a research - actually it dint take me much time, as I regularly play fantasy football, I kind of got the data quickly. Lets take a look at the offensive side of the top 4 teams in the Premier League.and the top clubs around Europe (you can do your own search for your favorite team but I am going for the 4 teams I think are top).

So, here we go, lets take a look at who is top of the table in the premiership: oh yeah, big smile on your face, its our beloved Chelsea FC (with no strikers) who are top of the table. Statistics are well known to people around here for the Blues:

1) Chelsea

The Midfield

Players appeared in midfield: 7

Goals Scored: 32, Assists: 25

The ONE playing up front:

Players appeared: 3

Goals Scored: 11, Assists: 11

2) Liverpool

The Midfield

Players appeared: 7

Goals Scored: 21, Assists: 26

The SAS Combination

Goals Scored: 41, Assists: 26

3) Arsenal

The Midfield

Players: 9

Goals: 35, Assists: 34

Olivier Giroud

Goals: 12

Lord Bendtner Goals: 2

Podlo Goals: 1

Assists: 8

4) Manchester City



Goals: 19, Assists: 28


Players: 4

Goals: 32, Assists: 17


There is only one other team which is playing with just the one out and out striker and that is Arsenal, with Olivier Giroud scoring 12, and providing 7 assists, playing almost every minute of the fading Arsenal title campaign so far. There reliance is much on their midfield but their midfield statistics are no where near what our midfielders have produced considering they play with 4 out and out offensive mids, while we play with only the three. So, should we say their midfielders suck? We should as they are our rivals, but no one is going to call Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla, Theo Walcott, poor or not-midfielders individually.

Comparing then with the combination which has been the most devastating this season, their numbers are huge, but then their midfield numbers are not that great, so should we call their midfielders non-existent? Surely, only Sir Alex has the guts to call Gerrard 'average', add to that Raheem Sterling's pace and Coutinho's intelligence, its still a very decent trio- and Henderson has discovered his route to goal somewhat too....So, why is there no real bashing of the mids there?

Now coming to Man City, the only time i can remember them playing with only 1 Forward was against Barcelona and boy did they get whipped in that game, they have always gone with at least two, and their midfield (now we are at a level playing field in terms of finances too) is lagging way behind in terms of goals, and most of those goals btw have come from Yaya Toure. Players like Nasri, Silva, Navas, and Milner have not contributed in terms of goals at all. So where is the talk of these players being non-existent?

Now the BIG CLUBS OF Europe (Munich,Barcelona,Juventus,Real Madrid, PSG) PSG cause of Zlatan, i love Zlatan!

Digging out these numbers required more than 5 minutes and may not be 100% accurate, and not including Atletico Madrid, just telling you its all about Diego Costa there, if we don't have a striker, their midfield consists of invisible persons!


1) Paris Saint Germain


Players: 9

Goals: 12

Assists: 18


Zlatan Ibrahimovich: 22 goals and 10 assists

Rest: 14 goals and 2 assists

2) Real Madrid

Midfield:7 (Bale included)

Goals: 23

Assists: 29


Ronaldo: 23 goals, 6 assists

Rest: 23 goals, 10 assists

3) Juventus

Midfield: 6

Goals: 23

Assists: 17


Players: 6

Goals: 30

Assists: 11

4) Barcelona


Players: 9 (Neymar Included)

Goals: 48

Assists: 42

Lionel Messi

Goals: 15 goals and 8 assists

5) Bayern Munich


Players: 7

Goals: 34, Assists: 25


Players: 2

Goals: 24, Assists: 11


Juventus' forward line has Tevez, Quagirallellala, Llorente, Osvaldo, Giovinco, Vucinic and they combined have got equal assists with our forward line, while Paris Saint Germain do not have a midfield, that's settled, Barcelona has one forward who is the best player in the world, and same goes for Real Madrid and Ronaldo. So, why do their fans do not talk about the non-existence of their respective department?

The only team which outdo us in terms of the midfield and forward line goals are Bayern Munich but we should not forget just how crappy the Bundesliga has become, I mean if Man United can score 5 past a top 4 German side in their current state, My verdict is that the league is pretty much dead.


For the system that we play, and with the players which we play with, although the statistics are not staggering and the performances not breath taking, but saying that we are the only team which has only 1 department doing all the business is not valid at all. There is no club in the world which has equally impressive numbers for midfield and forwards alike, so the label of non-existing forwards is harsh on our STRIKERS. Yes, we do need a powerful striker in the summer, the number game may shift but both departments being super-statistical is a bit of a long shot. I am happy with what we have got from three ailing strikers who seldom play together upfront, remember how our strikers were the one who got us over the line against the two Manchester clubs (home games).

My first article so please be a bit lenient!

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