Premier League Table and Prediction - Part IV

What a game and performance of Chelsea. Same thing can be said about Arsenal as well. As seen from last weeks poll none of us believed that Arsenal were a challenge for Chelsea and we can see why. The table and prediction after today look like this.

Chelsea 69 Liverpool 65 ManCity 63 Arsenal 62
Crystal palace(A) 3 Sunderland(H) 3 ManUtd(A) 3 Swansea(H) 3
stoke(H) 3 Tottenham(H) 3 Arsenal(A) 1 ManCity(H) 1
swansea(A) 1 WestHam(A) 3 Southampton(H) 3 Everton(A) 1
sunderland(H) 3 ManCity(H) 1 Liverpool(A) 1 WestHam(H) 3
liverpool(A) 1 Norwich(A) 3 Sunderlan(H) 3 Hull(A) 3
norwich(H) 3 Chelsea(H) 1 WestBrom(H) 3 Newcastle(A) 3
cardiff(A) 3 Crystal Palace(A) 3 Crystal Palace(A) 3 WestBrom(H) 3
Newcastle(H) 3 Everton(A) 1 Norwich(A) 3
Aston Villa(H) 3
WestHam(H) 3
Fixture Overload -2
Unexpected loss 0 Unexpected loss -3 Unexpected loss -3 Unexpected loss -3
Total 86 82 82 79

I never expect Chelsea under Mourinho to score 6 goals but I guess we had to ruin Wenger’s big day. What a way to do that. Our win today makes up for our defeat to Villa last week but in terms of the table it still means we only have 3 points instead of 6 or 4. So, although its time to celebrate we are still not in a better place than we were two weeks ago. Apart from their game in hand City still have a big goal difference which, I am sure, cannot be caught up with. The problem for us is we cannot afford any more Broms or Hams or Villas. Even then I have kept a possible loss of 2 points as insurance against Swansea.

Liverpool – Liverpool’s defense is very very suspect and we saw another evidence of that today (as if we needed to) but then their ability to score a ton of goals is what is keeping them as a clear title threat. They are just 1 point behind us if they win their game in hand. Their leaky defense gives me a lot of hope for our game against them because they may be able to bounce back from losing positions or score a lot of goals against all other teams but Chelsea are not all teams. There is no bouncing back against Chelsea. I am pretty confident that games at Anfield will decide the title winner this season and we will get a result there.

ManCity – According to public opinion they are still our biggest threat and they have shown us why. I doubt that they will be able to keep winning and although they have a theoretical 4 points advantage (with the goal difference), with 3 games to catch up to there is still room for mistakes. We certainly need Liverpool to do us a favor here by neither winning not losing if we are to win the title. They still have other three big away games apart from Liverpool left and I hope everyone does us a favor.

Arsenal – I kind of feel embarrassed to keep Arsenal in the polls below but due diligence… We all caught up to Stephen Schmidt’s lolArsenal real soon… I think its time to change that to RoflArsenal…

The title race is till very close to call and this weekends results does not help make the picture any clearer. What do you all think?

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