Drogba loves Mourinho and Chelsea, but that won't stop him from scoring and going for the big upset

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"It's your moment, enjoy it."

Jose Mourinho texted that to Didier Drogba right after the Champions League Round of 16 draw.  The master of knowing the media was not wrong; it's all Drogba all the time ahead of Wednesday's first leg in Istanbul, in the cauldron of shock and awe that is the Türk Telekom Arena.

I don't have much to add to Drogba's words.  When the King speaks, you listen.

"Chelsea will always have a special place in my heart. And in my life."

"It's nice to play against your old team, but when you are emotional, like me, it's going to be difficult. I have to be professional and respect the shirt I am wearing.  I hope it will be better than [when I played badly in Marseille with Chelsea (albeit in a meaningless match where qualification was already assured)]."

-Didier Drogba; source: Telegraph

On Mourinho and winning:

"Of all the managers I've worked with he's the first, I would put him first."

"Our philosophy when I was there was very simple. He educated us to hate losing. We knew everything about the opponents. We were ready, when we went on the pitch, even for a difficult game, a difficult start, we knew we would win. It was a machine. It was like we were a machine."

-Didier Drogba; source: Mirror

On the Chelsea Old Guard family:

"People didn't see Chelsea as a family where the players are close together. But we had something special. You cannot achieve what we did without being together. In that team, we had a group of 24, sometimes 26 players, and 20 of them could have been captain of their national team. We had a lot of games, international games behind us, so we worked with Jose to be independent, to be able to read the game, to change a game or a situation on our own on the pitch.

[...] we knew what we had to do because we had managers who gave us a certain education or knowledge."

-Didier Drogba; source: Telegraph

On the next generation:

"We all had the potential and he is good at developing that in people. With a player like Hazard, if he listens to Jose, if he takes in and learns what Jose teaches him, he can be really, really good."

"A player like Azpilicueta, I knew him from Marseille, he was a good player but now he is a regular. He is improving. Even Cahill. Now you cannot think about the starting XI without him. The manager has to think twice before putting him on the bench."

-Dider Drogba; source: Mirror

Even Cahill!

Finally, on the future:

"If Jose was saying, ‘Didier, I want you to come back' I would think about it. But it's not happening now so there's no need to speak about it."

"I'm here and playing. My contract ends this summer. Then I will decide what's best. It's impossible to stop time but it's possible with your intelligence on the pitch and with your experience to play at a high level even for two or three more years."

"Put me in the Premier League and give me a few months. I feel young. I still feel like a kid running after the ball."

-Didier Drogba; source: Telegraph

Aww, Didier.

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