The Chosen One (or two)

No this isn't a reference to a David Moyes but a reference to the striker who will become the chosen one. The next striker who will be tasked with avoiding the dreaded curse*. Mourinho has confirmed at this point that Chelsea will be purchasing a new striker in the summer, something we all already knew, a hint at maybe two new strikers depending on how you interpret those quotes, and with those quotes of course comes speculation. Hence 'Ovacion' reporting that Chelsea will sign Cavani and other rumours which come to the surface and then disappear again.

I come with one question, IF you were Jose who would you task with being the front man or the 'number 9' as they're commonly known. Below you will find some information regarding the the strikers who Chelsea have been consistently linked with and if you could kindly select who you would like in my poll it would be much appreciated :)

Cavani: Who knows how close Chelsea were to signing the Uruguayan in the summer before he ultimately broke our hearts as he sealed his move to PSG. A proven goalscorer in the Italian and French league as he scored 78 goals in 104 appearances for Napoli and has scored 13 goals in 20 games for PSG. Cavani is also pretty versatile as he has often been played out wide for country due to a certain Luis Suarez and for PSG due to a certain Zlatan, he isn't just a finisher, his link up play, hold up play and dribbling is also pretty impressive. No matter the fee if Chelsea were to sign Edinson he would surely succeed. He is a glimpse of his quality.Tumblr_muyaxaqocp1s5547bo1_400_medium


Balotelli: The infamous Balotelli with previous spells under Jose and in the premier league with Manchester City. I'm sure everyone here could come to the agreement that Mario oozes talent, but could also quite easily agree he likes to dance with fire. As most fans would argue that the only issue stopping them from wanting to see Balotelli in a Chelsea shirt is the baggage that he brings with him. Mario Balotelli boasts a nice goal scoring record at Inter Milan with 20 goals in 59 games, 20 goals in 54 for City and a more impressive 22 in 31 for AC Milan.

Mario Balotelli amazing Goal vs Bologna 1-0 (via erekle tamazashvili)

Costa: The man on fire, Costa has been in scintillating form since the start of this season managing to score 4 goals in 3 Champion League matches and 21 goals in 24 appearances in the La Liga. The Atletico man has also had both the Brazil and Spanish teams courting him for the world cup, in which i believe he chose Spain. The only flaw is perhaps the fact that Costa has only been this good for this season and this had lead to suggestions that he could be a 'one trick pony' but either way Costa is a unique striker due to his impressive movement which often leaves defenders confused and no doubt he would be a great acquisition for Chelsea were he to perform as he has done this season

Diego Costa bicycle Kick Vs Getafe 2013 | Diego Costa Overhead Kick Vs Getafe 2013 |[HD] (via mehmetkupelioglu)

Mandzukic: An important figure in the incredible treble which Bayern Munich achieved last season. Mandzukic without a doubt is world class in my eyes but does not seem to be favoured by Pep and also the capture of Lewandowski has apparently pushed Mandzukic towards the exit door with a host of clubs lining up to acquire him. Mandzukic managed to score 20 in 56 appearances for Wolfsburg and 27 in 43. He also offers great off the ball play and an aerial threat as he stands at 6 ft 2. An incredible knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Mario Mandžukić Fantastic Goal vs Island [Croatia vs Island 19/11/2013] (via Subscribe to KovacevicArts)

Jackson Martinez: Has been linked to Chelsea for around two seasons as he has found scoring success at FC Porto. An out and out goalscorer who can finish with either left or right. Jackson Martinez has scored an impressive 40 goals in 48 games for FC Porto. He effectively won Porto the league on the last day of the season last year as he scored in their game. Martinez finished top scorer with 26 goals in the league as well as being voted by ESPN as the 'one of the best signings for the 2012–13 season'. Lol at the title of the video.

Arsenal target, Jackson Martinez, scores an OUTRAGEOUS GOAL! (via The Football Planet)

Personally i am swayed towards Edinson Cavani and if we don't talk money and FFP i would sign him instantly, i personally feel, he is the best talented wise, i also feel he is the most proven although that is debatable with Manduzkic performing admirably in the Bundesliga. I would like to see your comments and votes to see who YOU would sign if you were in Jose's/Emanlo's/Roman's shoes.

*The chelsea striker curse whom; Mutu, Shevchenko, Kezman, Torres, Ba, Eto'o have all succumbed too.


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