Man of the match Eden Hazard, bravest Chelsea knight in the siege of the 19th Century West Ham wall

19th Century Football - Mike Hewitt

Bravest in all the land!

Minutes played90
Fouls suffered2
Eddie has established quite a nice pattern for himself.  Starting with the level-up away to Sunderland, he's won himself a man of the match vote roughly once every three matches.  Only the back-to-back awards vs. Swansea and Liverpool break the pattern.  So right on cue, here's man of the match award number seven for the season, the sixth in his last twelve starts.

Alas, this one was less impressive than the previous ones.  Chelsea's complete and utter inability to finish off any chances, combined with an over-reliance on long shots and the failure to turn up for the full 90 minutes makes this the lowest winning average since Samuel Eto'o's 6.8 in the 2-2 home draw with West Bromwich Albion.

That being said, Hazard still managed to do alright, despite being on the receiving end of at least one bootful of studs into the back of the leg and basically getting double- or even triple-marked for much of the game.  Space in which to operate should be a lot easier to find on Monday.  Here's hoping...

2. PETR CECH - GK 6.6
Minutes played90
The presence of a goalkeeper in the top three is usually a very good indicator of a loss, a draw, or just poor play in general.  Sure, sometimes we get a blunder - like away to Stoke City not too long ago - but on this one, we can once again just tick the latter two boxes.

I guess he did have to make one save, but otherwise, he could've taken a nap for large portions of this match and still come out with a clean sheet.

3. JOHN TERRY - DC 6.4
Minutes played90
The captain rounds out the top three, with his lowest-rated performance for a month and a half.  But I guess that's a pretty common theme for these ratings.

At one point towards the end, he even stopped playing defense went up front a la Robert Huth or Alex, although his best chance to open the scoring came on a first half header, which he inexplicably guided straight into the arms of the West Ham goalkeeper Adrián.  That's also a fairly common theme for our shots, at least the ones that were technically "on-target."  But I digress.

Outside of a couple mistakes by Cahill, the backline pairing of Terry-Cahill acquitted themselves well once again.  As long as they continue to do that, I have no problems with Mourinho trotting them out there, even if that comes at the expense of playing time for Sideshow Dave.

Azpilicueta (5.9), Cahill (6.1), Ivanovic (5.4), Ramires (5.0), Mikel (4.9), Oscar (6.0), Willian (6.1), Eto'o (5.4)

Lampard (5.9), Matic (5.7), Ba (4.9)


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