What’s the Mata? Certainly not Juan: Defending Juan Mata

Imagine this scenario:

You have been at the university of your dreams for the past three years. During these three years you have obtained a 3.98/4.0 grade point average (damn Calculus), joined multiple extracurricular campus groups, and became a personal favorite of your many new friends and faculty members alike. For all intensive purposes, you have represented the university and all it stands for to the finest degree.

Along with the jubilation of realizing you have only one year left of your undergraduate studies, another wave of emotion starts rush into the back of your mind: LAW SCHOOL. That’s right, Law School. Your ultimate dream after your football skills failed you in the 4th grade was attending Harvard Law School. You stayed up late many nights, crammed for exams, and skipped parties to make sure your GPA was high enough to get into THE Harvard Law School. So, after completing another excellent year of undergraduate studies it was time to sign up for your last year of undergraduate courses. Of these few remaining courses, a couple had to be taken in the fall term to be successfully admitted to Harvard Law in the following fall.

Upon logging onto the universities website to sign up for your final year of courses, you see a message being displayed on the bottom of your computer screen: ACCOUNT LOCKED-CONTACT 1-888-333-4444. Being understandably rattled and nervous you contact the university. They say that they are letting some underclassman have a chance at taking some of these courses and that the courses you are looking to take are full for the fall term. Upon repeatedly telling them your story, contacting possible university connections, and running every potential solution through your head, the answer was SORRY. Sorry, we wished we could help but there is nothing we can do.

After eventually coming to grips with the fact that the university you had given everything to for the past 3 years had royally screwed you, you eventually find a route out of this mess. Another, if not more, prestigious university that will get you into every class you need and give you every opportunity to enter Harvard Law the following year was willing to accept you. While you are understandably upset with the university higher-ups, nothing but fond memories will remain of the people you met and the phenomenal experiences you gained while at the first university. A decision that had to be made to switch universities was not an easy one, but a necessary one.

Now lets look at the Juan Mata situation. Chelsea’s back-to-back player of the year, incredibly cultured, wearer of one of the world’s finest beards, and from the fans outside view, an almost perfect all-around lad. Not only was Juan Chelsea’s unquestioned best player the past two seasons, he never said anything that ever hinted negativity towards the club, was easily one of the most popular players in the locker room and oh yea, winner of the Champions League, Europa League, and FA Cup over a 2 year span. This is why people that have now said Mata is a "traitor" or "Juan isn’t who we though he was" infuriate me so much. Juan is no different from the student in the story above. Chelsea was his dream university and Man U is his only option to obtain one of his most precious dreams: The World Cup or in the case above, Harvard Law School. To blame or think less of Juan Mata for asking for a transfer this winter means you clearly don’t understand how professional sports work and what playing for your national team (especially Spain) in the World Cup means.

While I, along with most other Chelsea fans would have loved to see Mata stay, to expected him stay while being subjected to the bench after being the far and away best player on the team the past 2 seasons during a World Cup year is completely ludicrous. Juan doesn’t owe the fans anything. He gave everything he had to the club during his time here but staying past this season became more of a pipe dream as the season progressed, and everyone could see it. It just wasn’t in the cards.

Along with moving to a new club, with equally high ambitions as Chelsea, doubling his weekly salary, and gaining crucial playing time in a World Cup year, Juan did what’s best for him. Just like Jose has done what’s best for Chelsea: allowed the Spanish maestro to leave.

Thanks Juan and Good Luck ;(

Chelsea Fan

PS- I will forever have a Juan Mata sized hole in my heart but just like most situations in life, all good things come to an end. All the best, Juan.

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