Why Chelsea SHOULD sell Kevin De Bruyne

"To come to a team like Chelsea is a dream but now I have to work hard to achieve the level that's necessary."

- Kevin De Bruyne, January 2012



Kevin De Bruyne arrived at Chelsea this season from Werder Bremen full of promise. Many felt that after proving his worth in the Bundesliga (not considering attracting the interest of Leverkusen and Dortmund.. no mean feat) , he would surely get his chance to shine at Chelsea having signed for them a couple of years back.
He did well in pre season, but injured himself when he scored his first goal for the Blues. He did, however, return for the opening day clash against the visitors from Humberside, and also provided the assist for the first goal in that match against Hull city. And from then onward , things started going downhill for him. He found himself out of the team, having fallen out of favor of Jose Mourinho after a poor showing in a cup game. He never really came back after that. He did, however, continue to supply the goods for Belgium, helping them qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 12 years. Belgium fans were outraged at Mourinho, and still are, for not giving him the opportunities required. But there was nothing Mourinho, (or anyone , for that matter) could do when his chosen three were playing so well. The likes of Willian, Hazard and Oscar had kept out even Juan Mata , the two time reigning player of the year, out of the starting 11, and Andre Schurrle was doing well in his substitute appearances, so there really wasn't any unfairness from Mourinho's side as such. It all now came down to this: A player wants to play, but he can't, and he wants to leave.
These events were, of course, very unfortunate. A player who possesses so much talent wants to leave so that he can show it at another place where they'll gladly let him. Chelsea could, of course still , force him to stay, but that will just spoil matters further. For one, it'll keep away potential targets from joining; and second, the discontent will just spread to other benched players and soon the team's harmony will be in tatters.
With the likes of Eden Hazard,Thorgan Hazard, De bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Courtois, Chelsea has signed an array of Belgian stars in the recent past, who have all impressed. The fact that only one player from that country has been able to make a place in the starting 11 speaks for itself. The Chelsea squad is a very competitive and deep squad. Youngsters will simply not keep getting chances like they may get at some other club. They'll just have to make their name at another club.
On the financial side, the sale of De Bruyne would be a very good one for Chelsea. They haven't really sold a young impressive payer recently, so to get the transfer fee that he'll attract would be a boost. It may also just spare Mourinho the wrath of the Belgians (that sounds nice, doesn't it?) and it may just give a very good player what he needs.
Chelsea SHOULD sell him. What with the return of the likes of Victor Moses and Marko Marin( we had forgotten about him hadn't we?) and the host of names out at Vitesse Arnhem, not to mention the inevitable couple of signings ( we are talking about Chelsea after all) the Blues attacking midfield is gonna get even harder to get into. And the only solution is for the lesser favored players to go out again to other clubs. It's sad, but that's how life has become in the Stamford Bridge midfield.
PS: Remember the time Chelsea were head over heels in love with Luka Modric to satisfy their dearth of creativity? Now we can't get enough of such players. Football really is a funny game!

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