Chelsea players as Harry Potter Characters

A while ago, there was a post likening chelsea players to LOTR characters. It was one of the all time great fanposts. I have used the same idea, with Harry Potter characters.


Dumbledore- Outspoken, eccentric, brilliant. Love him or hate him, 'you can't deny Dumbledore's got style'. Jose Mourinho

Hagrid- He's big, he's tall. He's keeper of the keys and ground and goal. It's Petr Cech.

Lupin- Savagely attacked by Fenrir Greyback (Luis Suarez), he is quiet and gentle but can become a vicious animal. It's Branislav Ivanovic

Sirius Black- A leader among the order of the phoenix, prone to moments of recklessness, hated unjustly by the media. John Terry

Dobby- The most loveable of all characters. David Luiz

Kingsley Shacklebolt- An experienced and powerful wizard. Trusted servant of Dumbledore. Ashley Cole

Arthur Weasley- Responsible, dependable a voice of reason. Frank Lampard

Molly Weasley- The perfect partner for Arthur (in the pivot). Ramires

Hermione Granger- Intelligent, technically gifted and beautiful. Oscar

Harry Potter- The chosen one. Juan Mata

Ron Weasley- The third amigo and key part of Dumbledores army (the attacking midfield). Eden Hazard

Argus Filch- A squib who is always ruining the fun for Harry, Ron and Hermione. Fernando Torres

Luna Lovegood- Part of Dumbledores army. Beautiful blonde hair. Andre Schurlle

Fred and George- Part of the DA. Makes everyone laugh by trolling people (Spurs). Willian

Bill Weaseley- The heir to Arthur Weaseley. Marco Van Ginkel

Terry Boot- Not the most important character. Demba Ba

Elphias Doge- Loves Dumbledore. A bit old and past it now. Essien

Slughorn- Brought to Hogwarts for a final swansong by Dumbledore. Eto'o

Ginny Weasely- A powerful and perhaps underrated wizard. Key part of the DA. Kevin De Bruyne

Dedalus Diggle- A reliable and steady wizard. John Obi Mikel

Winky the house elf- Sometimes works with Dobby, Can be helpful, but is a little unreliable. Gary Cahill

Pigwidgeon- A tricky name to pronounce. Wisely shortened to one syllable (pig). Azpillicueta/Dave

Gringotts- Where the money comes from. Roman Abramovich

Hogwarts- A magical fortress where enemies fear to come. Stamford Bridge

Mad Eye Moody- The all seeing eye, and trusted by Dumbledore. Emenealo

Professor Grubbly Plank- Nobody likes it when she fills in for Hagird. Hilario

Professor McGonnagal- Assistant to Dumbledore. Steve Holland

Fleur Delacour- The sexiest character. Eva Carneiro

Godric Gryffindor- A Hogwarts legend, still remembered. Peter Osgood

Cornelius Fudge- A bumbling buffoon in a position of power. Sepp Blatter

Professor Quirell- Harrys first teacher at Hogwarts, but ends up working for the enemy. AVB

Professor Umbridge- One of the least popular teachers Hogwarts ever had. Fortunately she lasted less than a year. Rafa Benitez

Kreacher- An ugly and vile creature. Rio Ferdinand

Aunt Muriel- A cantankerous character. Old and crazy. Arsene Wenger

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