ACS Preseason Notice and Schedule

Alright, sports fans, that time has finally come. The results of our poll on changing the name associated with the title were as follows:

Amateur Chelsea Scout - 35%

Blue Witness - 21%

Chelsea Player Tracker - 19%

Other things - 22%

As such, please use ACS when labelling your posts. If you don't like those letters for some reason, I must request with the gentlest and kindest voice that you get the hell over it, because who the funk really cares? As we turn to the business of putting up our first posts in this era, I thought it would be good to keep a few things in mind. I'll be brief.


Not as brief as this guy's stint as "best player in the world." Ba-zing! - via

A) Spell your player's name right. Seriously. (Schürrle - RESPECT THE UMLAUT)

B) Things that it might be smart to include:

- the player's previous season's stats and overall evaluation (I've included a list of resources below)

- the general outlook of how many minutes they should expect to be getting, and the expected contribution from them

- a picture or two

- a few goals (as in aims, targets, aspirations) you believe they ought to have

C) If the player is on loan, be sure to give us a picture of their loan situation, including key components like club, league, quality, manager and/or any other interesting tidbits

That's all. Told you I'd be brief.

Here are those resources I mentioned:


WhoScored is a site that calculates offensive, defensive, and passing statistics for the top 5 leagues in Europe and evaluates players, breaking down their rating based on starting roles, position, and substitutions. gives a quick-glance breakdown of matches, competitions, tables, and national teams.

Football365 does some interesting "interactive stats" if you need to compare matchups across seasons, look at a table at a given time, or check out fixtures/results from previous seasons.

TransferMarkt is a site that deals with all things transfer-related, and includes club/league spending as well as oft comical valuations of players.

There's also a cool thing called "YouTube" that has a lot of videos.

I'll try to get my post up here in the next week for those of you looking for ideas in terms of content/formatting. It will be by no means the only way to do it. I think I speak for the community when I say we don't care about how, just how well.


Now listen up! - via

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to prevent our posts from flooding this blog and overwhelming our friendly co-members, I've devised a loose schedule that I hope you'll follow to the best of your ability. Also, if you see someone else post for your player and you feel that you have little to add, feel free to skip the preseason burst. I really don't want people on this site to curse my name, so please do your best to not overload the site. I've spaced them out so that there are hopefully no more than two a day, but you guys are smart, so I trust you to use administrative discretion when necessary. If there's a day when no posts have gone up, and you have yours finished ahead of schedule, feel free to go ahead and post it. More importantly, if the queue is full, hold off on a finished post until a lull, if you could.

There is exactly one month between our first preseason match in Bangkok (tehe) on July 17th and the season opener against Hull City. I've divided that time up as follows. If you'd prefer to get your post posted prior to then, by all means do so. I merely felt that a preseason game would be helpful. I'm listing them by players rather than by posters, so look out for your player's name.

Tentative Schedule

July 18th - Frank Lampard

July 19th - Ashley Cole

July 20th - John Terry

July 21st - Petr Cech, Thibaut Courtois

July 22nd - Branislav Ivanovic

July 23rd - Gary Cahill

July 24th - Fernando Torres

July 25th - Juan Mata

July 26th - Marko Marin

July 27th - Josh McEachran

July 28th - Oriol Romeu, Nathan Aké

July 29th - Demba Ba

July 30th - Michael Essien

July 31st - Jeremie Boga, Thorgan Hazard

August 1st - Eden Hazard

August 2nd - Lucas Piazón

August 3rd - Wallace, Tomáš Kalas

August 4th - Victor Moses

August 5th - Jon Obi Mikel

August 6th - André Schürrle

August 7th - Cesar Azpilicueta

August 8th - Romelu Lukaku

August 9th - Ramires

August 10th - Kevin De Bruyne

August 11th - Patrick Bamford, Islam Feruz

August 12th - David Luiz

August 13th - ANY NEW TRANSFERS (Cavani, Kondogbia, etc.)

August 14th - Oscar

August 15th - Jamal Blackman, Ruben Loftus-Cheek

August 16th - Marco Van Ginkel


An Abramovich always pays his debts. - via

Oh yeah, and now that RAW is over, please toss some recs on this so everyone sees it. KTBFFH!

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