André Schürrle: Career Numbers

Yesterday I wrote a small article on Alvaro Negredo which focused on his career numbers, but formatted in a per 90 minutes format. This caught the eye of WAGNH member (I think) Daniele De Ross who requested some per 90 information on Chelsea's new signing Schürrle.

These per 90 numbers aren't publicly available as of yet, that should change next season with a new site I am working on. I strongly believe normalizing players number into a per 90 format is the way to go, and I am staggered player stats aren't currently available in this format.

Anyhow, Schürrle Per 90 Minutes:

Age Club Goals Assists Shots SoT Scoring% Shooting Acc % ToP%
22 Leverkusen 0.35 0.22 3.91 1.66 21.15 42.62 82.19
21 Leverkusen 0.24 0.10 2.41 0.96 25.00 40.00 76.58
20 Mainz 0.54 0.15 3.23 1.42 38.46 43.82 72.49
19 Mainz 0.20 0.08 1.45 0.67 29.41 45.95 67.11
0.34 0.14 2.80 1.20 27.94 42.77 74.59

It's a fledgling career which obviously has some inconsistency attatched to it. It's pretty clear to see why Schürrle was transferred to Leverkusen after his 20 yo season at Mainz. The goals per 90 in that 20 yo season are mighty strong for an attacking midfielder/secondary striker.

It is also clear why Schürrle got a big money move to Chelsea. His last season at Leverkusen was splendid with 0.35 goals per 90, nearly 4 shots per 90 and a career best SoT per 90.

As for Schürrle's strengths and weaknesses I would like to focus on his percentages.

The Good

Schürrle's Shooting accuracy is extremely good and bordering on elite level. ~40% for a support striker is impressive and I would assume his shots profile would feature a fair few shots from outside the box, if that is the case his shooting accuracy becomes even more impressive.

The Bad

Schürrle's scoring % is baaad. the player had one season, his 20 yo season, which looks like an early outlier when placed against his other three seasons of data. Schürrle's Scoring %'s are better at Mainz than they were at Leverkusen, this could be due to the system or his tactical deployement. It could also be simply variance for year to year.

I do find it mighty curious that a player can simulataneously possess such a good shooting accuracy number and such an average scoring% number. It may well be all about shot locations: Could Schürrle be extremely good at shooting from distance and getting his shots on target but due to the distance of those shots the 'keeper often saves them? It's one theory. Another would simply be that Schürrle has been unlucky in his two years at Leverkusen and may due some nice regression toward the mean.

Final Thoughts

Any road, Chelsea have signed a fine looking player by the numbers, one that scores at a goal every three 90 minute games. Schürrle is recording more that a shot on target every 90 minutes and is a player who was both trusted and durable as is evident in his strong Time On Pitch%.

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