Have Chelsea effectively addressed their personnel needs in the transfer window?

Today the BBC revealed that Mourinho was not in the bidding for any other transfer targets. This means our transfer business is done, besides the yet to be wrapped up Rooney business. (If I was taking an overpaid striker , I would pay one guaranteed to be awesome , like Zlatan or Tevez , but thats neither here nor there.)

Our team had a lot of problems last season. Some of them were tactical and some were coaching problems. Some were a result of a lack of cohesion in the side. Our defense was terribad a lot of the time. Sometimes we were incapable of doing basic things like holding an offside line. We were often exposed down the flanks(How many goals did we concede from cutbacks?).We were shockingly prone to intelligent movement from forwards. Remember Juve? Remember how Gervinho constantly created chances by occupying our centre backs?

Our side as a who lacked compactness. Our defense tended to sit deep while our attackers pressed high up the pitch , leaving an insane amount of space in midfield for the opposition to play through. You guys Remember Rafa making "squeezing" gestures with his hands from the sidelines? He wasn't playing an imaginary accordion , he was trying to tell our team to get compact.

Chelsea showed an inability to control tempo and recycle possession in many games and sometimes missed quality passing from central midfield , and thus we were overly reliant on Ramires to carry the ball forward with his running. We missed a good centre forward , who could finish his chances.

Some of these are issues than can largely be solved with coaching and tactics, some are directly linked to the personnel we have.

When we started this window , I felt we were in need of a few basic personnel changes

1) A centreback , comfortable defending high up the pitch , allowing Chelsea to play a high line to keep compact

2) A central midfielder , capable of controlling tempo , ball retention and proving intelligent ball distribution from deep in midfield.

3)Depth in centre midfield.

4) A top class striker would have been nice.

Commentors here have come up with names like Capoue and Soldado that they'd like to sign. But do these names really make sense? Capoue is a similar age to Mikel , and not noticeably better. Soldado is in the same boat with respect to Ba. Now both Mikel and Ba have suffered patches of bad form (Ba moreso) , but neither of those guys are guaranteed to settle in and be in form any more than the guys we already have.

Have we addressed the needs? Somewhat

The return of Kalas gives us another centreback/RB we can add. However it seems from the dutch user's statements Kalas struggled at times on loan. He would be a good depth piece and have great potential , but probably not ready to push Brana for a starting place.

Essien and van Ginkel give us good depth in centremidfield.

Schurrle gives us good tactical options too.

I think we still have problems at 1 and 2 though.

We can probably make do with what we have if everything goes right. Its not a disaster if Brana and Cahill get used to playing higher up. Van Ginkel might adapt well and be ready to contribute. Ba might rediscover his old form.

However things could go pear-shaped very fast. Luiz suffers an injury and we force a Cahill and Bane pairing to play high up the pitch against top opposition . Not good. Van Ginkel fails to maker the step up right away and we're back to using the Mikel - Ramires central midfield pairing that did not work very well last season.

If I was Chelsea , I'd probably splash on 1 and 2 before the window closes. (Banega and Alderweireld (if Zouma's unavailible) for me). What would you do?

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