Squad Analysis.

Greetings fellow members,

Over the course of the next few days, I am going to analyze every department of our current first team squad(excluding players who are already out on loan), and try and see which position needs a new enforcement and which players should be brought in and which to be loaned/sold.

We will start with the Goalkeepers and Defenders today.




After the completly 'out-of-the-blue' signing of Mark Schwarzer, our goalkeeping situation looks a lot better now than it was a few hours ago. The signing itself is a very good one, which allows us to have more a than a capable backup to Cech and also does not affect Courtious in any way. The fee(or no fee in this case) is also perfect for this kind of signing. The only issue which remains now is what to do with Blackman?. Ideally he should go out on loan and get some important minutes under his belt, but since our 3rd choice keeper position isn't filled yet, it wouldn't surprise me if he were to stay and take up that spot.




"What does defending mean?"

The current situation of our defense department is a lot less clear when compared to goalkeepers. We have a few young and promising defenders like Omeruo, Kalas and Wallace to add to the players we had last season bar Paulo.

There seems to be a little bit of imbalance in the current squad, with us having a number of options for our right back position and not so for the center back. There have been a lot of talks and discussions on this site about bringing in a new CB to add to the quality and depth to our squad.

With Terry on the decline and polarizing views on Cahill and Ivanovic as to whether they are Chelsea caliber or not. I believe Chelsea have the following options to asses and make a decision.

1).Continue with the same back line we had for last season(bar ofcourse Paulo and loan out Omeruo, Kalas and Wallace).

The issue with this option is that we are two injuries away from a major crisis which would leave our squad stretched to the limit. Especially if one of the injury occurs to Ivanovic, it would leave us with no-to little back up at both right back and center back. Essien can provide back up at right back but it would be foolish to go ahead with this option.

2). Buy a world class CB and loan the youngsters.

During the start of the window, there had been a lot of rumors of us signing Eliaquim Mangala from Porto. Many of us were excited by this link as he is one of the few CB's who is young and still developing and yet would challenge for a starting spot at Chelsea. The rumors died very quickly since Porto were unwilling to sell and would charge a huge fee if they were ever going to sell. That leaves us with very few options in the market and it seems unlikely that we would buy someone which matches this description.

3). Buy a young CB with world class potential and loan the youngsters.

Along with Eliaquim Mangala, we have also been linked with the likes of Zouma and Marquinhos who have immense potential to be great CB's and would immediately add to our depth. Personally I am against this kind of signing, since we already have Omeruo who fits this description. Omeruo 19 is already a first choice for his country and definitely has potential to be a great CB. Hence I would prefer him to stay rather than buying the likes of Zouma and Marquinhos who are pretty similar to him at the moment.

4). Keep one of Kalas/Omeruo.

Which brings us to our last and my preferred option which is to retain one of Kalas/Omeruo and buy no one. The reason I prefer this option is because I believe both Kalas and Omeruo are good enough to provide back up and would also find quite a bit of playing time due to the sheer number of games we will play this season. Personally I would loan Omeruo to a champions league or at least a Europa league club and keep Kalas as I feel he is more polished than Omeruo at this stage. Kalas could be our 2nd choice RB and 5th choice CB. The reason I put him as a second choice RB is because I feel Ivanovic should be a starting CB for us, as he definitely had a better end to the last season than both Cahill and Terry(due to his injury? Rafa?) and should start alongside Luiz.

Below is the poll for you guys to choose the best option you feel for our defense.

I hope you liked reading this post and my views on the squad, and the next installment of Squad analysis will depend on the reaction of the community ;-)

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