SSS. I did it myyyyy way.

Okay. Going to try and make this simple and snappy.

This is realistic (tell me if you think it's not), so I've not got Lewandowski (who BvB say is staying) or Varane (who RM simply won't sell) etc.


Schurrle - 20m - already done, perfectly happy with this although I'm not buzzing
Cavani - 50m - I think this will allow us to forget about centre forwards in the transfer market for a few years with Cavani being the main man and Lukaku the up and comer, people like Ba, Torres & whoever else comes and goes for small fee's over the next couple of years. Also no doubt he's quality.
De Rossi - 15m - have to say I have no idea what he'd cost but surely it can't be over 15m with his age? This would be a considerable investment (wages) for an old player, but I think as much as we have a squad with a lot of potential, signing De Rossi would make sure while some of the younger players up their game we are still competing at the very highest level. Also just imagine how good he'd be under Jose? Remember Maka, Essien & Cambiasso.

Add to these three Lukaku and KDB staying.

I feel this sorts us out for every position we currently lack in. ST, winger who takes people on & ball winning CDM who can control games.


Marin - don't know how much he'd fetch and I'm not too bothered. I see a lot of people saying lets loan him out and give him a chance but... realistically I just cannot see him getting into our band of 3 or a front 3 ahead of our current crop and with the young players to come (thinking specifically of the now lesser mentioned Piazon here)

Kakuta - won't make it into our band of 3 either. Get whatever money we can for him and think harder next time we cover ourselves in piss to sign the next big thing.

Bennayoun, Turnbull, Hilario all off at the end of their contracts, fine by me. Paulo F would go on the coaching staff.


Chalobah - I'm gutted Watford didn't get promoted because I'd have loved for him to stay with Zola and in the team he worked so well in whilst playing at Premier League level BUT it is what it is and although I'm sure he would benefit from another year there, I would like to see him try his hand in the top flight. I don't know much about the promoted teams squads but I'd offer him to Palace, Wigan maybe even WBA, though that might be a bit much competition. If none took him then my next choice would be Cardiff or Hull. If in the unlikely event no-one wants I'd send him back to Watford for one more year.

McEachran - Ditto with the promotion, early on I thought Boro could at least get in the play offs. Josh looked good and I'd like to see him in the Prem but I have less faith in him holding down a place than Chalobah. Palace and Wigan (good 'footballing' teams) first choices for me.

Piazon - I'd like Piazon to stay in the prem. Bit tedious this but I doubt they have much of a sqaud so I'd try to give him to Palace. Would be good if 2 players could be on loan at the same club too. If not Malaga is fine, with Isco gone I'm sure he'll see more action.

Romeu - I heard Celta Vigo were after him, which is fine. I'd like Romeu to get some real game time on loan because I rated his potential when he played under AVB. My natural preference is always for a PL loan because that's where (hopefully) he will eventually play and live, so I'd try that but, Celta Vigo is cool.

Ake - Vitesse

Kalas - WBA

PvA - Vitesse

Omeru - Vitesse

I won't do every youngster coz I've got to go but I'd send quite a few on loan! I know you might look at my 2 signings with a bored expression because it's not groundbreaking and there's no rough diamond unheard of eastern european super kid pivot player but I think we have plenty of young talent and Cavani and De Rossi would solidify the team as one with so grit and strength to compliment the young creative players we now have shit loads of.

So we'd be starting the season with a sqaud of....

Cech, Blackman, Dejac (sp?)

Azpi, Branny, JT, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Berty

Essien, Mikel, Rami, Lamps, De Rossi

Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle, KDB, Moses

Cavani, Lukaku, Ba, Torres

If things go right that's perfectly capable of winning the league imo

Lemme know what you guys think


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