Chelsea Player "Experts"

A Gentleman's Proposition

Now that all that WAGNHSSSSSSSS stuff is over and done with (good riddance!), I thought it might be good to start looking ahead to the next season in a different way. We've done a wonderful job creating a vibrant and thoughtful community here at WAGNH, and we always have quite interesting topics to discuss, from player merits to formation shift to whether Rafa's fatness outweighed (see what I did here?) his waiterly-ness. However, there is a lot out there. To get perhaps a stronger foothold on just one aspect of all that is Chelsea and football, I propose a new institution, of which I hope you will all take part and support: Chelsea Player Experts. This will take a bit of explanation, so stick with me.


LOOK! Santi Cazorla's sporting a stache and playing for the A's! - via

Dang it! I said stick with me!

The idea is simple to start with: one member will volunteer to be considered a particular CFC player's expert. That member would be responsible for two things only—

1) Keeping up with their play as they go throughout the season, trying to watch as many games as they can (this counts for senior side players, youth players, and loanees).

2) Providing a short post evaluating the player's performance at the halfway point and at the end of the season.

This will be helpful in several ways. We'll all benefit from each other's focus on individual players, we can help to dispel certain player myths, and we can have a system set up to prevent us from overlapping or beating one another to the punch with some posts. Obviously, some players will be more difficult than others to follow. However, whoever volunteers for Juan Mata will have expectations set pretty high. People will be expecting videos, gifs, and probably a party favor or two. On the other hand, no one would be expecting the George Saville at (insert boring Championship side here) piece to be all that spectacular.


I'm looking for some fan art, y'all. Nice beard, sport. - via

We don't need every player of the squad tracked; it's fine if some go unclaimed. It's not cool if you claim a player and then don't do anything, because you're taking the job from someone else who might want it. That leads me to some ground rules.

Ground Rules:

#1 - Don't be a dick. This is not your chance to show how smart you are or how bad a player is. Take the "job" with a sincere desire to share in the supporters' love of the club. You should look for opportunities to praise strengths and lament weaknesses, not criticize strengths and augment weaknesses. The opposite applies as well: do your task with honesty, trying to accurately represent the player rather than smooth over problem areas or over-hype certain talents.

#2 - Being an "expert" doesn't make you an expert. Take the job if you want to try and add something to the community, but try not to lord it over people. It's helpful to have someone focusing on one player to observe closely, but nobody knows everything.

#3 - You can do more. It's encouraged for anyone and/or everyone to draw up more frequent reviews or interesting articles. Anything that you think might be interesting is almost always appreciated. Heck, do a preseason post if you want; go crazy!

#4 - Pass if you can't take the task. If you know your English isn't adequate or your writing skills aren't up to scratch, please leave the player for someone else. If you sign up and then realize that you aren't going to be able to handle it (for any reason), then make sure to pass the player on to another volunteer.

#5 - No monopolies. Just because you volunteer for a player doesn't mean you have the sole right to writing about him. WAGNH is a free market community, and everyone should feel free to contribute as they please, within the ethical guidelines established by the site's admins. In fact, after talking it over with CRDM, I've decided we should go ahead and allow two CPEs per senior squad, so that controversial players don't get shafted by only being shown one side of the player or another.


Ugh. - via

#6 - Don't be a dick. It bears repeating.

#7 - First come, first served. I can't think of a better way. Heck, you can even call dibs on the Cavanis and Van Ginkels of the world. No guarantees we'll have them when the season starts, but if we do, they're yours. On that note: YOU MAY ONLY RESERVE ONE SENIOR PLAYER. That's kinda the point. No claiming Cavani, "but if we don't get him then I want Lukaku". Make your choices carefully and dutifully. This is a community project.

Side note: Although you may only reserve one senior player, you can take a youth team member and a loanee as well. Basically, you can't have two players that will be regularly playing for the same team. Since we're not sure yet who'll be loaned out, use your best judgement and I'll sort it out when the time comes.

Please limit comments to mostly voting, to minimize the confusion. You can talk about this in the OT. Also, if you're not sure if your player has been selected already, you can hit (CTRL+f) and type in their name to find iterations, fool. Oh, and please toss a few recs on this so that it gets bumped up and more people see it. The most rec'd stuff is a week old anyways.

I'm all out of rules, so I'll start the the bidding off here. In the comments section, you can leave your preferred player. As the preseason approaches, I'll do another post determining who gets whom based on the time stamps, so everyone will know officially. Since it's my idea, I'm going to be selfish and go first. Place your pick like this:

My pick: "Frank Lampard (1)"

If you're the second person to choose Lamps, you'd comment: "Frank Lampard (2)"

You're welcome for not picking Oscar, DL, Mata, Hazard, Schürrle, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Ba, Courtois, Cavani, or Thiago. There are lots left, and plenty of youngsters to choose from. Have at it then! KTBFFH!

I'm out. Peace!



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