WAGNHSSS-2013 WAGNH Summer Shopping Spree- Daniele's List


I've decided to assemble a new Chelsea team. A 100m is lots of money. If we did everything I put here , I think we would be a team stronger and deeper than any premiership team and probably comparable to FC Bayern in strength , variety and depth. Our squad would be really stacked. Some of our older players (Cole, Terry, Lampard ) will be leaving soon so this will alleviation some of our concerns about having too large a squad. I found myself having to sell to clear roster space. I looked at some off the teams that were successful in Europe and compared their best players with our best player and looked at the reasons they succeeded. I think our new squad would be a lot like FC bayern. I've bought a number of technically strong players , who are not afraid of the physical side of the game and are able to play a number of different ways.I recalled our best loanees to the first team.


Team building considerations

  1. A good team can get the best out of your best players (Juan Mata , Oscar , Eden Hazard, David Luiz)
  2. A Possesion based/high pressure system like that of FC Bayern best suits them. Any system that gives technically gifted players like those we have more touches of the ball is good. We also have a deep enough squad that we can rotate , to ease the effect of tiredness from pressing
  3. Variety up front at striker. Remember when Chelsea won the title. We had Drogba to offer an aerial target and Anelka to offer pace and Link up play. The variety was key to defeating a number of sides and exploiting weaknesses.
  4. Fluidity upfront in the attacking band .We've seen how great this has been this season. The ability of Mazacar to interchange frustrates markers and defenders and results in goals
  5. Fluidity/variety in midfield .We don't have this but teams like FC Bayern and Barca do.This is key to breaking down parked buses and escaping sides that press. It means we need midfielders comfortable operating both deep and high up the pitch
  6. Variety in the back in defense (high line/deep line and technique/physicality/aerial ability/reading the game) To play a possession game , we need to keep a high line. We also need defenders who complement each other attributes
  7. Strength in depth Remember when Rafa put our B-team out against Southampton? Our B-team isn't good enough for a title challenging team.

Financial considerations

  1. Clubs willing to sell and move players for reasonable fees (ie not Porto/Benfica)
  2. Clubs from Leagues (like Eredivise , Ligue 1) willing to sell
  3. Players undervalued by release clauses
  4. Less high profile players

Targets and their attributes-

  1. Striker who can offer Pace/dribbling/impact off the bench in addition to Lukaku/Ba's Strength/aerial threat/hold-up play (decided on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang )
  2. A passing midfielder who can set tempo and keep possession (Benat and Milan Badelj)
  3. Midfielders comfortable operating as the deepest midfielder or midfielder furthest up the pitch (Fellani and Milan Badelj)
  4. Midfielders who offer physicality in addition to technique (Milan Badelj and Fellani)
  5. Defenders who offer technique and pace (Marquinhos) and physicality (Toby Alderweireld) .


Milan Badelj

I gave a fuller profile of him and some other young midfield prospects here with stats and descriptions of their style of play.


A 23 year old Croatian deep lying playmaker/defensive midfielder who is being all around awesome at HSV and in the national team.

Many of you would say that you want Gundogan. Well what if I told you Milan played more Bundesliga games (30/26) but still on average per game , made more tackles (3.7/2.3) , more interceptions (3.5/2.3) and more key passes (1/.07). Gundogan/Modric who?

It may be tough to convince HSV to sell him but a cash +Bruma+another youngster on loan deal may convince them.



A Spanish superstar in La Liga. Fantastic deep playmaker . Great passer and his dribbling and mobility make him harder to mark out of games than someone like Arteta or Pirlo. Undervalued at 16m due to his low release clause



A monster! Versatile enough to play any midfield position. Great at being physical , breaking up play and provides an extra set piece threat. Unmatched in his aerial game. He can also be played up front if we decide to go route 1. Undervalued due to release clause.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


Pacy , versatile striker playing in Ligue 1. Top Ligue 1 scorer behind Zlatan. Tidy finisher and great goalscorer. He has played on either wing and behind a main striker during his career so offers versatility and an impact sub.

Toby Alderweireld


Many of you know his partner at Ajax ,Jan Vertonghen , who left for Tottenham. While Jan was the more ball-playing, adventurous defender, he was the more conservative ,physical player.The perfect partner for our Luiz. Is comfortable enough on the ball and with a high line to step right into our team. Can play Right back in a pinch.



19 years old , elegant on the ball and in the tackle and one of the best defenders in Serie A!! Must have !! Our All Brazilian CB pairing would be the tightest and most elegant one ever seen in Europe!! Plus he's u21 and doesn't use a roster spot. Roma rejected our 22m bid , but I'm willing to go all the way to 32. Make the money too good for a financially troubled club like Roma to say no.

Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyne

They've been awesome and are ready to step into our 1st team

Patrick Van Aanholt

Been amazing for Vitesse. Is definitely ready to be Ashley Cole's backup .Has been more impressive than Bertrand in attack and defending.


-loan Romeu-

he's never going to get playing time in our newly crowded central midfield. The next season , depending on how much he has improved , we need to make a decision to sell him or Mikel.

-Sell Gary Cahill

Makes too many mistakes and we have better defenders coming in. Isn't club trained either

-Sell Torres

Torres is awful. Some rich team in Russia or Turkey who wants attention might overpay for him. I'm not counting on that though. 5m

Other sales were simply made to clear roster space


  1. Our team is really stacked with 2/3 good players at every position- Rotation
  2. Set piece threat!!- Fellani - Toby Alderweireld-Luiz-Lukaku-Ivanovic . Lots of goals from setpieces this year
  3. Suits to a variety of styles, whether we play deep and counter , or move high up the pitch and press. Whether we are in a physical or technical battle
  4. Lots of game-changers! We have creative midfielders if we need creativity, pacy strikers/wingers to run at tired defenders , aerial threats like Lukaku and Fellani if we decide to go direct and just whip it into the box. Or great passing midfielders like Milan and Benat if we just need to keep possession and kill the game
  5. We probably need more club trained players. Or at least get UEFA to change the rules on loaned players. Seriously PvA has been here forever and doesn't count as club-trained?


    • Marin -5m
    • Essien- 5m
    • Cahill - 7m
    • Bertand- 6m (with buyback option)
    • Torres -5m to Russian/Turkish club who wants attention/to Rafa's new club
    • Oriol Romeu - loan to Cardiff
    • Piazon - Loan to Malaga- looks like Isco is leaving so he seems primed for more minutes
    • Nathan Ake -loan to Vitesse- Had some good games. Seems ready to get regular playing time elsewhere.
    • Bruma - player + Cash trade for Milan Badelj- Retain a buyback option in case he improves
    • Kalas- loan to West brom . He's been impressive and needs a more aggressive loan
    • Josh McEahran , Chalobah - loan to newly promoted side (Crystal Palace?) They've both been impressive on loan in the Championship (Chalobah more so) so send them to a side where they are likely to get more minutes
    • Davila-loan to segunda division club
    • Delac-loan to an Eredivise side
    • Kakuta - 2m sale to Vitesse- Proably a decent, but not Chelsea caliber player. Its unlikely he'll make a breakthrough with the talented wingers ahead of him.
    • Todd kane - 1m sale to Championship club
    • Omeruo- loan to newly promoted side- Been great in the Eredivise and internationals. Seems ready to step up
    • Courtois-goes back to Atletico Madrid for another year- Our heir to Cech is definitely ready , but another year playing Chmpions League football wouldn't hurt
    • Thorgan Hazard -Loan to Vitesse- definitely ready for a step up after killing it in Belgium


    • Patrick Van Aanholt
    • Kevin de bruyne
    • Lukaku
    • Milan Badelj - Bruma+ 13 m
    • Fellani -24m (release clause)
    • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 15m (Giroud , Ligue 1's previous top scorer moved to 10.26 m pounds and Remy moved for a similar price , but PEA is younger so we'll say 15m)
    • Benat - 16m release clause
    • Toby Alderweireld- 11m (His partner , Vertonghen moved for 10m , so we should get a similar pricetag from Ajax)
    • Marquinhos -30m
    • Renewing Hilario so we have a decent backup

Final Squad:

(u21= under 21 , hg= home grown , ct= club trained)

GK:Cech,Hilario ,Blackman(u21)
RB:Azpilicueta, Ivanovic
CB: Luiz , Marquinhos (u21),Toby Alderweireld , John Terry (hg+ct)

LB:Cole(hg),Patrick van Aanholt(hg)
CM:Mikel,Milan ,Lampard(hg),Benat , fellani
AM/Wingers:Hazard,Mata, Oscar, Kevin de Bruyne ,Victor Moses(hg) ,Ramires,
ST: Demba Ba, PEA, Romelu Lukaku (u21)

The does comply with FA and UEFA roster rules


Azpi -Luiz- Toby -Cole



Romelu Lukaku

This could be a first choice lineup.

football formations

This gives us a target man up front , directness and pace on the wings, technique and physicality in midfield and the ability to play a high line in the back. Its is also easily modified. A more technically oriented lineup to better keep possession and break down parked buses would include Milan over Fellaini as Milan has superior passing ability . A more defensive lineup would include Ramires and Moses on the flanks instead. A rotational lineup can include Oscar , KDB , Milan and Marquinhos without much dropoff in overall quality.

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