Galatasaray Prez says Sneijder move not out of the question

Alex Grimm

A possibility we'd dismissed as an unnecessary luxury has resurfaced as a realistic possibility. If you rate the Galatasaray President's thoughts, that is.

Motoring ahead on their ingenious and innovative new angle that requires every former Jose Mourinho player to be linked to Chelsea as the transfer window progresses, there have been reports today that the club's interest in Wesley Sneijder, something that was previously pooh-pooh'd swiftly, might've been more than just a passing glance.

Wesley Sneijder, who's been primarily linked with United and Spurs through the better part of the last couple of seasons, is mentioned as being in the crosshairs of Chelsea and Tottenham yet again. The Dutchman's only been in Turkey all of five months, but already it seems Galatasaray might be willing to listen to offers:

"I have been following the rumours about Sneijder, but we have not received an offer for him.

If an offer in the region of €15m comes in, we might decide to sell him."

— Unal Aysal, Club President

Which is ... baffling, since the Turkish club is clearly one that wants to try and make a bigger impact in the Champions League, and only managed to capture Sneijder after a protracted series of negotiations with Inter and the player himself last January.

Obviously, the World Cup coming next year is doing silly things to the minds of players, with everybody ready to pull up their socks and show their quality. From that point of view, a move would make sense, and be desirable for Sneijder, who recently saw the Captain's armband transferred from him to Robin van Persie.

Regardless of motive or interest on the player's part, I'd expect the Chelsea management to take a prudent stance with regard to player recruitment, and it'd be quite perplexing to expect a club that insists on strictly one-year extensions to players over 30, to wade into the market and open bidding for a 29 year old, who'd command a frankly ludicrous wage to boot.

With the three musketeers flourishing at Chelsea, as well as De Bruyne returning and the (possible) impending transfer of Schurrle, a player as off his game as Wesley Sneijder would find himself hard-pressed for time as it is, so I find it rather stupid that links between him and us continue to persist, seeing as there's an abject lack of purpose in a transfer story of any sort here.

"I know that I have not shown enough recently and that I will have to step it up a notch. But I am confident that I can reach my level from the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 again."

If I had any remaining expectations of Sneijder, they've now been successfully snuffed out after the guy's mention of his blistering Euro 2012 form, something that was amply replicated by his teammates throughout the tournament, as we all saw.

In summation, I've no doubt the Premier League will be richer for your presence Wesley Sneijder, but if you do come, and bring your demands for a huge salary and penchant for shooting the ball really hard into teammates' backs with you, I hope it's Spurs' wage bill that ends up being affected, not ours.

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