Jose Mourinho talks level of competition and Chelsea's title ambitions

Richard Heathcote

I love Jose Mourinho, and that's not just the bourbon talking

Today we were treated to all sorts of Jose Mourinho news, with the club officially unveiling their new(ish) boss for all the world to see. He had some great quotes this evening via The Guardian, and I'm going to cherry pick them for my favorites.

So what is different between this go-around and the last? Why don't we ask Jose:

"Last time, everyone knew it would be between Chelsea, United and Arsenal. Now City have appeared with this fantastic economical power. Tottenham had a very good period with Harry [Redknapp], reaching fourth spot, playing Champions League, going up and up and up. André [Villas-Boas] did a good job and they have conditions to fight for the Premier League, not just a Champions League spot. And Liverpool. I know Brendan [Rodgers] and I know he can do it. I know his ideas, his project, and Liverpool will go up, too. So there are six teams. Who's going to be first, who's going to be sixth? I don't know."

He had a bit to say about the state of the league in Spain, as well as the fixture congestion issues that our previous manager loved to complain about:

"I don't enjoy too much winning 6-0. I don't enjoy a league where you are against one team and it is about 90 points, 92 points, 96 points, 100 points; 100 goals, 110 goals, 120 goals. The number of points Barcelona got last season, finishing second, they would win every other league with this number. The same with Real this season."

"It's a two-horse race (in Spain), and that is a big difference with English football. But also, I missed the mentality of the 90 minutes in England, pushing everybody to the maximum, playing the extra competition [the Capital One Cup], 60 matches, 70 matches, three matches in a row, the Christmas period, the Easter period. Fantastic."

"I'm not saying it's right, I just love it. Sometimes you love things that aren't right. But would I prefer to have a week's holiday in Christmas? I went to New York two years ago, last year Brazil. But I'd prefer to play. I was envious at home, watching the Premier League. Envy. Total envy. Is it right playing four consecutive matches? Probably not. But I love it."

So where does Jose expect us to finish next season? He wouldn't get drawn in enough to answer that question, but he made it clear that he's here for more silverware:

"I don't need anybody to push me to have that ambition [winning the title]. I've enough motivation and self-esteem myself, enough desire to do it. But if we don't do it, yet show we're moving in the right direction, I think we'll be champions in the second season. I don't think it's a drama. I'd expect to be here to win it in that second season. Of course."

Do I prefer we win another title next season? Of course. Will I settle for 2nd or 3rd again? If I'm still dreaming of the title in April and not ruling it out before the middle of December, absolutely. Welcome back Jose (and your attitude) have been sorely missed.

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