WAGNHSSS : Making Of Our Own Destiny …! by @gent47.



Fergie has retired…Mancini sacked…Rafa gone for good

The return of the "only" one is


The time is right for Chelsea FC to begin its quest for British dominance and continue the good work in Europe. We have been linked with almost every top player available in the transfer market. With some imminent departures and a few new additions, this off season is pretty tempting would be an understatement.

(Note: All prices are in GBP)

Beginning this Fanpost with the departures first:

Expiring Contracts:

1.)Florent Malouda and Ferreira:

They have been more than useful to us in the past. But would surely part company with them.

2.) Turnbull, Hilario, Yossi Benayoun :

Oh well…

Conclusion: Would not offer them new contracts going forward.

Players to be sold:


why me? via

1.) Essien : He is no longer a player he once was and is too costly to keep around as a backup due to his wages. Moving him for around 7 mil would be quite reasonable.

2.) Marin : Was a decent buy before we bought in Hazard and Oscar. He is weak considering the physical nature of the Premier League. Offloading him for around 4mil would be nice

4.) Torres : Hasn’t fulfilled what was expected of him. Has been quite disappointing but has shown good form in the Europa league. Has scored over 20 goals this season- if you neglect the number of starts. Might fetch around 15 mil.

5.) Demba Ba: Was a stop gap purchase in January. Time for him to be moved on. 10 mil would suffice.

6.) Kakuta, Burma, Bertrand : Have been decent throught the season. Bertrand though would never be a Chelsea calibre player in my honest opinion. They should fetch a combined fee of around 10 mil.

Conclusion: Additional 46 mil. made available via some clear out sale.

Recall from loan :

1.) Romelu Lukaku : He deserves a chance with the Chelsea first team after his promising loan spell. He would get almost the same playing time here than some other mid table Epl club due to our striker crisis. Plus Mourinho can be counted upon to take Lukaku under his wings and turn him into a truly world class striker given his abilities and frame.

2.)Kevin de Bruyne : He’s had a breakout season at the lowly Bremen. Would offer more than decent backup without much drop in quality to the Mazacar. Challenging them for a starting spot would motivate him to give his best most of the time.

Out on loan:

Every one currently on loan except the two Belgians should head out on loan again for continuing their development to clubs corresponding to their level either in lower level Epl clubs, Championship and European Leagues.

Courtois should be loaned to a mid table Epl club.

Buying (Yay!):


I am out of ideas in this regard. Any decent backup keeper for 1 mil would be fine.


1.) Neven Subotic: Subotic is tall, dominant in the air, calm and composed under pressure. He tends to take a conservative approach than his CB partner which help him cover their a**es. Chelsea are in need of a world class CB to pair with the awesome David Luiz. He would be a perfect foil for David Luiz in the heart of the defence. Would be a solid addition at 30 mil.

2.) Luke Shaw : Young English Left Back, is a Chelsea fan, Is a regular starter for Southampton already. Has tremendous potential. He would be a good backup to Ashley Cole right now, could eventually replace him. He is future cfc material for sure. His price might be a bit inflated owing to him being British. Still would be a nice buy at 15 mil.


1.) Thiago : Must buy for Chelsea. He is regarded as one of the most talented young players in world football, and is seen as Xavi’s heir by many Barcelona fans.He has a lowered buyout clause around 18 mil. His main strengths are his superb ball control, technique and composure. He can bring the ball down in just about any situation, never gets stressed, and usually plays the right pass. Like most La Masia graduates he has no problem receiving the ball under pressure, as his combination of ability, composure and awareness of his surroundings means he rarely loses the ball. He also has the ability to do the unexpected, which makes him able to destabilise the opposition and instigate attacking moves from seemingly innocuous situations. and plays a position of need. He would help transitions form defence to attack, initiate counters with pinpoint passing, has decent defensive workrate too.

2.) Victor Wanyama : Essien lite. He is a absolute powerhouse in midfield. He is very hard to knock off the ball. He is known for his strength and pinpoint accurate tackles. He is consistent, and has a general calmness under pressure. He can surely add the much needed steel in Chelsea midfield. We should go for him for 15 mil

3.) Daniele De Rossi :



De Rossi is recognised as a "complete midfielder", because of his tackling, passing, strength and shooting. He is a versatile player who can play in defence and in attack. Although nowhere near his class a few years back, he can still be a valuable addition to the Chelsea squad. He is a bit old but has "big game experience" which would be handy considering our young squad. 20 mil buy.


1.) Andre Schurrle : Would add a new dimension to our attack due to his directness. He would be effective against packed defences due to his powerful long shot.His biggest assets are his excellent fitness, and workrate. He is a good finisher and can counter effectively. His defensive game is better than Mata or Hazard and can track back when not in possession.He can play as a striker if needed.

2.) Stevan Jovetic : He could be the solution for Chelsea’s striker problems. He may not be an out and out striker but is cast in the same mould as Suarez minus the annoying bits (read bites). He has a good first touch with this innate ability to come up with some top-notch goals. Equally comfortable with both feet, Jovetic is capable of chipping in with a decent tally of goals. He is a sure threat from set pieces too. His goalscoring prowess will be more than welcome at Chelsea frontline.He can link up play with the Mazacar with some excellent passing and one-twos. Moreover he is not as costly as someone like Cavani or Falcao and could be a masterstroke at the reported 25 mil.

(Total Spending 146 mil.)

Final Squad List:

Keepers: Petr Cech , (decent backup ), Jamal Blackman.

Centrebacks: David Luiz, Neven Subotic, Gary Cahill, John Terry.

Fullbacks: Ashley Cole, Cesar Azpelicueta, Branislav Ivanovic, Luke Shaw.

Midfielders: Mikel, De Rossi, Wanyama, Thiago, Lampard, Ramirez, Romeu.

Forwards/Wingers: Mata, Hazard, De Bruyne, Oscar, Schurrle, Moses.

Strikers: Stevan Jovetic, Romelu Lukaku.

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