The polls are open - vote now for your 2012-13 Chelsea Goal of the Year!

Scott Heavey

Ten of the bestest of the best ... but only one can be crowned 'Goal of the Year.'

The polls have actually been open for at least a day now, but this got a bit lost in the Europa League shuffle.

Just like in the Player of the Year voting, the official vote is done on the official Chelsea FC website. The poll at the end of this post is just for my own curiosity, to see how the WAGNH community is voting - assuming of course that you're playing along and voting the same in both places.

Unfortunately, the official site does not offer any embedding options for its videos, so you'll have to head on over to watch all ten nominees. They are:

  1. Branislav Ivanovic (vs. Wigan Athletic) - First goal of the season, two minutes into the first official match of the season, scored by the man who was Geoff Shreeves'd out of the Champions League final and was sent off in the Community Shield the match prior. Better than the goal of course is the move and assist by Eden Hazard. Hazard makes a lot of appearances in the ten best, unsurprisingly.
  2. Fernando Torres (vs. Newcastle United) - The "instinctive" Torres finish after a nice interplay with once again that man, Eden Hazard.
  3. Oscar (vs. Juventus) - Needs no introduction and one of the undoubted favorites. But like an Oscar nominee released in February, it may be hurt by the simple fact that it happened so many moons ago.
  4. Gary Cahill (vs. Tottenham Hotspur) - Is it any surprise that Chelsea have had so many goals from defenders this season when the man who often looks a bit awkward on the ball can still smash them home like this?
  5. Juan Mata (vs. Tottenham Hotspur) - Mata & Hazard be trollin'. Another Hazard pass, this one quite possibly the best pass played by Chelsea all season.
  6. Eden Hazard (vs. Stoke City) - Two things we learned this season: Hazard's right foot - deadly, accurate; Hazard's left foot - deadly, accurate POWAH. We also learned that he celebrates like a silly person - though he is right, he is too hot sexy for his shirt.
  7. Frank Lampard (vs. Newcastle United) - And not just because it was a non-penalty kick goal!
  8. Eden Hazard (vs. West Ham United) - Oh look, it's that man again! This is the one that turned Stamford Bridge into the Garden of Eden and is the greatest ever goal I've seen in person.
  9. Demba Ba (vs. Manchester United) - You won't see many better than this incredibly acrobatic mid-air turn & volley that knocked the Premier League champions-elect out of the FA Cup.
  10. David Luiz (vs. Fulham) - The wrath of the lightning gods sent straight into the back of the net via David Luiz's right foot. Just to make it fair, he scored another stunner, this time with his left in the last game (just missed the deadline for inclusion, although there's always the option for a write-in vote).

So that's quite the list with many excellent and deserving candidates. Last season, the choice was simple: Ramires vs. Barcelona. This season, it's a bit tougher.

I voted for #5, Juan Mata vs. Spurs. Sheer beauty, accuracy, teamwork. Magnificent.

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