Chelsea Transfer Market Analysis

Hello my adored blue fans,

Since I started supporting Chelsea in the early 2003, I have heard millions of transfer rumours linking us to almost every single player in the market. Now that it seems Mourinho is on his way back, we are being linked to the whole squad of Real Madrid. I am tired of reading unrealistic transfer news, therefore I am writing my first blog analysing our possible moves.
Since Roman expanded his empire to sport, we have had an amazing ride. After ruthlessly sacking managers and spending an estimate of £2 billion, Roman delivered the Holy Grail -Champions League. If we Chelsea fans honestly discuss between us, the subject concerning "did we or not deserve to win the champions league?" we might have differing views. But one thing stands; WE WON IT but in non-stylish football. I do take account that our players gave in everything, for example Torres was the one to score the winning goal against Barca, in the semi -final and assist to Drogba in the final. Or the amazing contribution from the old guards, whom have been psychologically damaged by AVB the whole season. Overall the team gave it all but look on how the last winners weather before us or after us, example Bayern, Barca...

Roman Abramovich
Roman is to be analysed first because what he says, wants, likes or decides matters the most. When analysing this man we need to acknowledge that he has two sides as any human. Roman is egoistic and insecure. Reason for my claim? An insecure person loves to create a surrounding who only accepts his views. As a result he promoted Michael Emlano and bought Shevchenko and Torres because he likes them not due to merit. He also has a big ego, which is a reason why he and Mourinho won't necessarily get on well. The other side of Roman is that he isn't a lost soul in moneyland. He bought Chelsea simply to have fun not make money. The simple argument that he isn't looking to make money out of the club is that Chelsea is valued around £340m; he spent £2 billion in 10 years already. He is also looking forward to spend more, no matter how much he spends a football club will never be worth more than a billion. Why would he want to make a loss selling it, if apparently he wants to make a "profit"?
Coming back to football, every Chelsea fan knows Roman wants a tik-tac football. Simply because we won all cups and now he wants to win cups in style. This project can only be achieved if you get the right players and give them and the coach "time". This project also means spending less and growing players from the youth academy. Since Roman cannot stop spending he is buying very young players compromising between the project and spending less. I personally don't want Roman to spend a lot because football is a game, for some it is about winning by buying, buying and buying. For others, it is about being family friendly which is growing youth, give them a chance, laugh at their mistakes then give them good guidance to achieve the aim. If you are still on my boat, football isn't about winning it is how you win it. If you buy, buy and buy you are Real Madrid. If you buy or grow players, win and lose then you are Man United, Arsenal or Dortmund. Based on the facts we can conclude, this was the Roman's plan. Win trophies then start from scratch. Unfortunately for Roman we can't start from scratch due to the strong blue print Mourinho left.

Jose Mourinho
This man needs no introduction. In brief, he is a god at Chelsea, a fantastic lad in Britain, a fantastico in Italy but not so fantastic in Spain. Why is he so much at the centre of attention?
Sadly, due to different factors. Mourinho as Roman has two sides. In the field he has the ability to change tactics when needed and make a difference. Off the field he does his homework well by spying on other teams, giving a moral boost to the players and fans. Mourinho, although I personally don't know him, is a family man. If we want to be family friendly then he is our man. Even his players call him dad; I don't know how his daughter feels about having so many self-adopted brothers! Overall, Mourinho is the right man to lead Chelsea to its utopia.
As in every analysis there is a "but", as much as Mourinho is awesome there are reasons why he was sacked. He has a huge ego and manages to put himself in trouble constantly. Could he be defended? Let's see.
He wants full control of the football and transfer. For example, Mourinho wants a strong African player but Emlano fancies a small but smart Latino player. Since Roman listens to Emlano, he will get the Latino player. Mourinho gets hurt then gets his revenge one way or another. But things have changed. Mourinho visited Italy, Spain and saw there is more than acquiring physically strong players. Mourinho seems also ready to compromise with Roman. For example Roman wants an artistic striker but Mourinho wants him to be big, maybe that is the reason they are targeting Hulk. Even if Roman gets a striker on his own will, in the long term Mourinho is the winner thanks to Lukaku,who will be his next Drogba.
One issue we can't change on Mourinho is the controversies he puts himself in. But then again all this can be explained. So Mourinho attacks are referee, so what? That referee was probably cheating him by supporting Barca or Man u. Hasn't Alex Ferguson done that? Ferguson actually admitted he pressured referees into giving him what he named "Fergi time". Man u also tend to be a type of team that scores and win at the last minute. Why isn't this controversial? Mourinho is a character and characters get lots of attention as a result every single fault will be portrayed as an immense problem. Yes he isn't perfect but then again who is?

One thing that worries about Mourinho is if he has his own agenda?
The man wasn't famous at Porto but became a legend at Chelsea. After his success at Chelsea, he worked out that every elite team would wanted him. Since Roman was a pain in the ass, maybe he planned on getting fired, the same as he did in Read. While his time at Stamford Bridge, Real Madrid wanted him for a long time but when he was ready to join a team after his scking he chose Inter. Was he trying to keep Real's fire burning because going from Real to Inter would be downgrading? Has he chosen to get a job in London because his daughter is in a London college and wants to be with his family?
There are rumours that he would want to take Portugal to the world cup in the near future, certainly not next year! Overall, Mourinho is a smart man, he thinks just like Roman. Now that he is super rich, he won't take any disrespect from Roman. Getting back with your ex is not usually a good thing but Chelsea fans are trying to convince themselves that they never broke up with Mourinho, they had an open relationship. Mourinho has had a lot to learn in his last few relations, this one better be as good as or better than the last ones.

One thing human being hate is to say "I don't know". The press wants to make money but I don't. So I have no idea and won’t say who our 2nd and 3rd goalkeepers should be. One thing I know is that Cech is good enough to play for 3/4 seasons. Courtois should stay at Atletico because he needs to ensure a place in his national team for world cup. We would love him to get experience in the EPL but he is happy there. We should treat him respectfully in order for him to be loyal. I'm sure Mourinho knows he isn't a bench material. If Mourinho decides to put Cech and Courtois' in the squad and rotate them, he risks their chances of playing in world cup. Jamel Blackman is no good to be the3rd goalkeeper based on how Man City played him like a paper on air n the last friendly at the States.

There is a new spending power in football, Monaco. The owner is worth 6bn and is looking to buy Ivanovic. Well Monaco needs to calm down, Roman is worth 13bn and Iva is going nowhere. Azpilicueta has been an amazing player, Cahill is a power horse. He won't exactly be Terry but he is a decent defender and score goals. Ashley Cole is still performing at his very best. Now one can ask why in the hell would Mourinho buy Coentrao? Because Mourinho likes him? Well how about the youth policy? What about Bertrand? Why would we buy Luke Shaw then?
Sadly I believe Mourinho will buy Coentrao and Roman Luke Shaw. Well the person who will be sad is Bertrand.
Another problem in defence is what to do with David Luiz? Chelsea fans and Roman love this guy. He is so positive; he brings in a positive energy to the team. The fans and even Terry believe he will be the next captain. Although David isn't as efficient as he was expected in defence, he has grown into being a good defensive midfielder. According to the press Mourninho does not think he is good enough to stay at Chelsea. If David is out, Mourninho's image will be damaged. The fans will put aside their love and show a disappointment. Overall Chelsea needs to buy a CB. The realistic moves seem Dede or Papadopoulos. Chelsea fans need to stop believing a youth will fill in that place. Youth are inexperienced and realistically only one or two make it into the team.

Defensive midfield

Based on our 4-2-3-1line up, we need two great holding midfielders. Mourinho wants two very careful and strong players in order to fit the puzzle. In a way I can understand if Jose says I don't trust David Luiz even at DM. David is the 4th best player of the team this year, after Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Frank Lampard. I personally was surprised to see Oscar being 5th, Lampard being 4th and even more surprised to see David in 4th place. Surely he has done well at the end of the season but collectively he hasn't been at his best this year. In a way I felt that David wants to be an attacking midfielder. As an evidence, he is always passing forward when he should be balancing the puzzle with his partner at his position.
If the two holding midfielders do not balance between them, one gets tired, if the team is relying on one holding midfielder because one is tired or is not at his position then the puzzle is destroyed. The three amigos don't bother much to drop back except Oscar sometimes. How are they supposed to get the ball if the holding midfielders aren't effective? You are going to hate me to say this but the best combo was Mikel-Ramires. Why? Those two have discipline. They balance each other. When Ramires attacks Mikel drops, then Ramires goes back. When Mikel and Lamps play together Mikey get shattered. Why? Because Lamps is attack minded. Mikel has to do all the work by himself. When one of them is combined with David the same pattern emerge. David just wants to attack also when the ball is at the back he runs to defend leaving his appointed position. Maybe this lack of discipline is what Mourinho is "said" to dislike. Perfect players in the market? Sami Kheidera. Oriel Romeu needs to be given a chance too.

Attacking Midfielders

We have the three amigos. It is great but is it perfect? You have to be irrational to say it is perfect. Why? Well lets take them individually, Mata is the new Zola nothing bad about him but if he is injured, anyone to replace him? I would rather say no rather than naming Marin or Benayoun. Same thing goes to Hazard but Oscar can be challenged by Moses. Chelsea is over relying on Mata and Hazard. The medicine?
How about getting Williams? The Brazilian Roman long wanted. He can challenge Mata and Shurrle to challenge Hazard. This spot at Chelsea is the brightest; perhaps Chelsea has the best attacking midfield in the EPL and arguably in Europe.


Torres with his fancy hair has been the Shevchenko 2.0, dividing the team and angering people. He is believed to have finished high in the part of the season. Why?
The simple reason Torres came back at the end of the season is because he wasn't pressurised. Why wasn't he pressurised?
Simply because people lost hope in him. They just didn't care whether he missed or not because we had lost our hope in winning cups. Torres scored and made us happy and feeling sympathy towards him. I would love Torres to be given a last chance but I just don't know how is he going to handle the pressure once we are going to fight for cups?

Demba is an amazing player who came for ridiculously cheap but maybe to the wrong team. Why wrong team?
Simply because he's going to be benched. Imagine if an elite striker comes in. We won't give him a chance. He will warm the bench being our Dzeko. This is assuming Torres doesn't leave. If Torres leaves we will be left with a and a new striker. Since having 2 strikers is a step backwards Torres won't leave. Next season the scenario would look like this: the first striker will be the new one then Torres and then Ba. There is no chance of Lukaku returning from loan for another season.
It seems that we missed on all our potential targets. Maybe we can lure Hulk, Cavani, or Jovetic. How much we spend on a new striker will determine whether we are trying to cheaply assemble a young squad and play attractive football or buy huge and aim high then blame the manager if success isn't achieved.

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