Brazilian Bromance

As a Chelsea fan of over 30 years, there have been many times when I've looked at particular players with star struck, adoring eyes. As a young lad I was lucky enough to experience an earlier incarnation of the three amigos in the glorious form of Dixon, Nevin and Speedie. Legends to a man, none stood taller or brighter than my first real hero, the wonderous Kerry Dixon, a fair haired giant striking fear into the hearts of centre backs across the nation.



Later came a string of goliaths, Graeme Le Saux, Jimmy Floyd, Flo, Frank The Beef, Makalele, Vialli and of course the glorious elfin magician, Gianfranco Zola, still perhaps the most gifted player to ever grace the Premiership. Since then we've been gifted with icons like our Captain, Leader and Legend, Mr John Terry Esquire, Super Frankie Lampard, Drogba and so many many more that will grace the annals of Chelsea history for time immemorial.

Yet despite these long years, from the lows of our relegation to the old second division, our triumphant promotion back the next season, our European and league triumphs and disappointments I realized something just today. There has never been a point in Chelsea history where I have felt more of a man crush on the Chelsea team than I do today. Not when we first emerged as a world class club, not when we lifted our first Premiership title and not even when that priceless trophy was lifted in Munich last year.

Let's be honest now, this season has been a pretty poor one by our now sky high standards. We lost a manager we loved, gained a manager we hated, threw away the league to a pair of Manchester teams that don't deserve to clean our boots and generally crept towards the end of the season just wanting it to be over. Yet despite all this, this Chelsea team makes me smile in a way I can't ever remember feeling and I think I can lay the bulk of it at one mans feet.

Nope, not our little Spanish wizard, Juan 'Did we just re-sign Zola' Mata..

Nope, not our very own future Messi, Eden 'How the hell did he do that?!' Hazard..

Nope, not even the imminent return of The Special One..

Just two little words, David Luiz.



This chaotic, joyful, insane Brazilian has come into the Bridge and made it his own. With a talent that is undeniably world class, a penchant for scoring the kind of goals Roberto Carlos would have been proud of and a smile that would warm the coldest of hearts, David Luiz has the potential to become the single most important figure in Chelsea history. Yes I really did just go that far.

From his Murderspasms to his 5-Second Angry, Luiz has already enriched the vocabulary of geezers everywhere and looks a rock solid bet for future Chelsea captain. Despite the mindless ramblings of the press, I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that there is frankly zero chance of Mourinho not cherishing this priceless talent. Unless we undergo the kind of complete meltdown that Leeds once experienced, David Luiz is here to stay and I can't think of anything that makes me happier.

The future is bright, the future is blue, the future is Brazilian. Geezers.



Now try and tell me that picture didn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

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