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Thought I’ll join in with the Summer Shopping Spree fun and say how I’d approach the 2013/14 window. I intend to spend every bit of the £100 million budget plus some of the funds recouped from sales as that’s what’s needed for us to bridge the large gap Utd have over us and make the semis of the Champions League, despite the return of Mourinho. Those only using a fraction of the money are being a bit optimistic about how good this squad is


Release all of the players that are out of contract this summer

Torres £12mil; for the first time it seems that a transfer of Torres out of the club is very possible. This season has been his best scoring season at us and he’s got himself 20+ goals and a Spanish call up. Factoring Rafa at Napoli, with money to spend after Cavani leaves, or Monaco arriving on the market, I can finally see us selling him

Marin £5mil; Not much needs to be said of Marin but it just didn’t work. Getting injured early, struggling for form and phased out completely by Yossi, poor from the German Messi

Mikel £10mil; Lots of people say he’s underrated but for me he just hasn’t shown he can cut it on a consistent basis. He has become a bit of a squad player recently and we can still get a decent fee for him. Between him and Essien I chose him as, while Essien is the older man, Essien is familiar with Jose, won’t get as big a fee and is coming off a much stronger season than Mikel

PVA £4mil; Coming off a good season with Vitesse so could recoup a decent fee but unless he can prove he’s better than Bertie than he should go, and I’m not sure he is

Kakuta £3mil; Cut our losses as there are brighter prospects at the club already

Bruma £3mil; Once again, just one of those prospects who doesn’t look like he can reach his potential

Davila £1mil; Move him on

Total: £38mil give or take a couple million

Loans: Recall only Lukaku, KDB, Kane and Delac

• Courtois; Athletico, Cech still the daddy for at least this year

• Chalobah; Premier league mid table, he’s good enough

• Josh; strong championship team, not quite ready, had rocky moments at Boro and don’t want him on the bench like he was at Swansea

• Kalas; Premier league, WBA?, proved he is ready and should be in the team when Iva moves on

• Omeruo; premier league, the AFCON showed his potential to play in a tough league like the premier league, although he might struggle for minutes. The competition will help him

• Piazon; Malaga if they sell some players, get him minutes at a club that plays good football

• T Hazard; Vitesse, keep good links to them and a slightly harder test as he’s outgrown Belgium

• Ake; mid table championship, playing against older men might be what he needs to switch to Cm as he’s pretty small

• Feruz; mid championship maybe, a little harder to gauge where he’s at

• Wallace; Championship or Vitesse, will be wasted as 3rd choice RB

• Moses; top 10 Premier league. Think he hasn’t quite made the impact he was expected to and looks like he’s struggled for confidence recently. Give him a loan spell to see as KDB and some of the reinforcements are ahead of him at present

I’ve probably missed some out but that’s the main ones

Positions and acquisitions:

GK: I wouldn’t buy anyone. As I mentioned above I’d loan Courtois but recall Delac to be 2nd choice. Some may want him to go on loan to develop but whether he does or doesn’t, he will never be #1 over Courtois as they are the same age and leagues apart. He has proved that he is at least at the level of Turnbull and Hilario. Blackman can get the 3rd spot

Defence: Full back we’re fine, Azpi and Iva on the right and Cole and Bertrand on the left. CB is a problem though. I can’t see Luiz-Cahill/Ivanovic/Terry partnership winning the EPL though. Cahill isn’t world class, Iva’s best position isn’t really known and terry looks like he’s aged overnight. They do make good back up but this leads to my first signings,

In, Nevan Subotic £22mil

The perfect partner for Luiz imo. While Hummels is the big name for Dortmund, Subotic is the rock that holds them together as Hummels does his Luiz impression. Luiz and Hummels are too similar, and Subotic was the reason Hummels could play his natural game so Luiz-Subotic makes so much sense. BVB have sold 3 of their best players (Gotze, Sahin and Kagawa) and soon Lewa, £22million isn’t unreasonable. I’d like Varane but it’s not going to happen for anything less than £50mil. The best young CB at a club that doesn’t need money, why would they sell

In; Luke Shaw £12mil

Don't want to waste too much time on him as everyone knows the deal, brightest full back in the world, successor to Cole, Chelsea fan etc but is only 17 so should spend a year or 2 at Southampton. £12mil will get him I think, won't get higher than £15mil

CM: Forget strikers, this is the problem area and everyone knows it. With Lampard past his goals milestone he may now start to operate more defensively as a DLP , but the team lacks a true defensive player. Essien adds steel that we lose though selling Mikel and Romeu should be up to speed in a couple of months to provide cover, but we need quality additions

In, Lars Bender £16mil

Imo, he would be my first signing. He ticks all the boxes. He is a proper defensive midfielder, one who won’t go wandering, won’t get lazy and has the technical skills to function with the rest of the team. His release clause is reportedly lower but £16mil would get him imo. Fellaini and Strootman have been tossed about but they both like going forward and we have midfielders here already who can play box-to-box like Rami, neither offer the shield Lars does

In, Thiago £18mil

While I believe Oscar (and KDB) will eventually play in a deeper position, at the reported fee it’s impossible to turn Thiago down. A world class player who unfortunately has better players in front of him. A hybrid of Xavi and Iniesta, he has it all and is the player who can dictate the tempo of a game. He wants to play at the world cup, but Xavi doesn’t seem to be slowing down so he may need to go onto a new challenge. Cheaper than Modric and better than Gundogan. Oscar + Thiago = next Iniesta & Xavi?

AM: The strongest part of our team, yet we over relied on them and we were very lucky that none were injured for any length of time. We may not be so lucky next year. KDB coming in will be a big boost, but that doesn’t cover everyone with Moses leaving on loan. So,

In, Schurlle £20mil

One foot in the door and a great future addition. There were 2 problems with Mazascar last year. 1.) One of Mata or Oscar were normally out of position on the wing and 2.) None of those really tracked back. Both are settle by Schurrle. He’s very fast, very skilful, has goals in him, is better than Moses and he tracks back very well. Problem solved

In, Heung Min Son £9mil

Currently further along in his development than Moses, the 2 footed (another huge bonus) Korean forward is hugely talented and very affordable. Favouring the right wing and able to play as a striker, Son can slot in for any player and perform to their standard. He’s U-21 this season too so won’t have to be registered

Attack: A problem area but not as some would have it. Torres is leaving and Lukaku is coming in. Ba hasn’t quite shone yet but he’s a good striker but Lukaku can be special. Fighting for his place will bring the best out of him and working with Mou will definitely help. That said he is still raw so a new recruit first team striker should be bought as scoring for a top club is harder than a smaller club due to extra pressure and lack of space

In, Higuain £20mil

Not quite a Lewandowski (off to Bayern), Cavani or Falcao (off to Monaco), but that’s because he’ll cost half of what they would. Higuain is a top striker who has averaged over a goal every 2 games despite sharing games with benzema and then playing second fiddle to Ronaldo, and he looks like he wants to move. Available for a reported £20-£22 mil, he represents a great deal and is exactly what we need. He’s a match winner, he just loves to score. Can drop deep and influence play but he uses smart movements in the final third to get onto balls and knocks them in with relative ease. He would love playing with our AM’s. Represents something different to bigger players like Lukaku and Ba and Mou is familiar with him. I’d love one of the big 3 but I just can’t see any of the big 3 coming here. Rooney won’t join and if he does he’ll be expensive, Jovetic isn’t worth £30mil when looking at goal returns and I can’t see Ibrahimovic coming as he’ll be expensive and he has an ego that will clash with Jose’s

In; Subotic (£22mil), Shaw (£12mil) Bender (£16mil), Thiago (£18mil), Schurlle (£20), Son (£9mil) and Higuain (£20mil)

Total: £117mil

Out; Torres (£12mil), Mikel (£10mil), Marin (£5mil), PVA (£4mil), Kakuta (£3mil), Bruma (£3mil) and Davilla (£1mil)


Net Spend, £79mil, if you think I've undervalued any of those then I've got enough left of the £100mil to top up the values

Home Grown: Terry, Lamps, Cole, Bertand and Cahill (5/8) (you can add Moses if you don’t want to loan him), don't worry about home grown players so much with a good crop coming though over the next few years

International: Cech, Ivanovic, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Subotic, Bender, Ramires, Romeu, Essien, Thiago, Oscar, Hazard, Mata, Schurlle, KDB, Ba and Higuain (17/17)

U-21: Delac, Kane, Blackman, Son, Lukaku as well as the academy graduates not on loan like RLC, Baker etc

I'm a bit of a newbie so not sure how to use the formation maker like others have so i'll keep it simple





A typical 4-3-3, Lars offers the defensive cover while Thiago and Lmaps play as playmakers. This formation allow Thiago to play higher up or gives Frank the licence to attack the box. Schurlle and Hazard provide flair, speed and help open space for Higuain






Different set of player, different type of formation, same effectiveness. 4-2-3-1, Essien stays while ramires breaks forward with surging runs from deep. Mata, Oscar and Son keep interchanging positions to keep them guessing with Lukaku keeping the CB's worried

2 separate teams, both capable of at least top 4, put the best of both together you’d got a title winning team, hope you enjoyed it

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