WAGNH Summer Spending Spree - Sack O'Gonads - Bossman Edition



Since Roman's recent passing of the torch and his fortunate to me I've decided to hire Mourinho giving him whatever he wants. After buying him his own personal miniature Giraffe, a submarine, and his own Iron Man suite these were his requests for the season...enjoy


Fellaini -25m

The Big Belgian will add power, versatility, and genuine awesomeness to a midfield that is in need of a spark. He is the ideal big name signing for Mourinho and would instantly walk into the first team.

Wanyama -10m

This was a tough choice for me deciding between someone that is a destroyer or someone more like Benat or Modric who will influence from deep. I decided our frail midfield needs more strength and power added to protect our magnificent young attacking core. Wanyama adds solid defensive responsibility, excellent tackling, and another engine to our midfield. He has the ability to distribute when necessary as well. A younger less-good Essien in my opinion. Would be a fantastic signing and would work wonders against the bigger teams with loaded midfields.


One for the future. Shaw is a fantastic talent as we saw him roast Cesar this year. The lad is a Chelsea fan already so what are we waiting for? Sign him and loan him right back to Southampton where he can continue to develop.


We know a lot about Schurrle already and some people are against this signing, but not me. I think he is fantastic and will add some pop into the midfield band/out wide. His tactical versatility is nice as well as we could play him up-top with a two striker formation.

Papadopoulos -15m

JT isn't getting any older and Cahill isn't good enough to start on a regular basis. Papadopoulos is still young and would need some time to develop into the world class talent that he has the potential to be. Let JT breed him and give him a good amount of games.


Turnbull - cute kids, average goalkeeper, and decorated with silverware...probably wont be missed

Malouda - kind of strange what happened this past year and half, Malouda was fantastic for a few seasons. Goodbye.

Hilario - see Turnbull, Ross.

Benayoun - Ugh, good riddance

Mikel - with the emergence of Chalobah, return of Essien, and added singings Mikel is now surplus to requirements. Kind of makes me sad I decided to sell him as I really appreciated what Mikel brings to the team and think he is vastly underrated. Could turn a nice transfer fee. I'll give him 20m.

Marin - failed experiment. German Messi no more. Let him find somewhere else to play...I'll give him 6m

Bruma - not good enough - 4m

Kakuta - Also not good enough -2m


Courtois (Athletico), Kalas (Crystal Palace), Wallace (Malaga), Piazon (Malaga), Omeru(Vitesse), PvA(Vitesse), Shaw(Southampton), Josh(Watford), Hazard(Vitesse or Championship), Ake(Watford)

Im sure there are more players available to be loaned but I dont feel like looking them up and/or finding a team that suits them.











Final Squad

Defense: Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Cahill, Cole, Bertrand, Papadopoulos

Center Midfield: Lampard, Romeu, Essien, Wanyama, Fellaini, Chalobah, Ramires

Attacking Midfield: Mata, Hazard, Oscar, De Bruyne, Moses, Schurrle

Strikers: Torres, Ba, Lukaku

Manager: The Special One


The roster has depth and all positions and the new purchases will be an instant hit with the fan base. Expect Lukaku to get around 25 goals in all competitions, a little less from Ba and about the same from Torres. MAZACAR will continue to impress everyone in the world. Go team. Mourinho will guide this team to the top of the league and an FA cup. In the next season we will add another ST and dish Torres. Expect the trophy with the big ears to make its way back to the SW6 around that time and we will be happy people.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Rec's? High fives? Man-Hugs? Kisses from hot chicks?

Enjoy the life, Geezers

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