WAGNHSSS - This is our time

Bare with me. This is my first ever post or comment. Also it will short and simple.

Formation - I just cannot see us dominating matches against big teams with a 4231 formation. So would like to switch over to a 433. I will be making my transfers in and out based on that

Budget - 100m

Free releases - Benayoun, Hilario, Ferriera, Turnbull, Malouda (all for obvious reasons)

Sales - Torres (10m)......Would happily take 10m and sell him. He may hav scored in the europa final, but we all just know there will 10 frustrated matches before he a produces a moment like that again. He has not been the Forward we all imagined to be and he wont be ever. So its best to sell now and cut our losses.

- Essien (5m) He was a beast once. But he also not the player he used to be

- Mikel (15m) If we can get someone like Khedira or Gundogan we will hav to sell him to free up some funds

- Bruma (5m) Dont see him developing to be good enough to be our squad player

- Kakuta (3m) Similar to Bruma

Loans - would be ideal to sell him. but dont think anyone will offer even 7m(amount we paid). So better sending him on loan to germany and hope he does well so that he can be sold next year for a decent amount.

- Piazon, McEachran, Chalobah, Omeruo, Kalas, PVA, would be better to loan them all so that get some valuable game time and develop. And its important to send them to clubs where they will get game time.

Tranfer In's - Levandowski (30m) Bayern are hot fav at the moment for grab him. I seriously hope Mourinho can persuade him to come join us. Would be an ideal Striker for us. IF we cant get him then hopefully we can try for Cavani(45m). He would be rather expensive. OR Jovetic (20m) OR Higuain (30m) OR Benzema (35m). They would all be upgrade to Torres. And we need to buy just one of them. NOT ALL. My fav and ideal option would be Lewandowski

- Lukaku (back from loan) would provide much needed backup upfront. And has done enough to warrant a place in the in the 18(11 plus 7)

- Schurrle (20m) will provide good competition for a spot on the wings. Even upfront if needed

- KDB (back from loan) much needed back up in the mid

- Khedira (40m) apparently a fav of mourinho. Would a ideal addition to our mid. Sadly for us he is a Madrid a player. So only a huge bid will be needed. IF we cant get him, another ideal addition would be Gundogan (40m). If we are succesfull in getting Khedira or Gundogan then we can sell Mikel to free up some funds(15m)

- Wallace (5m) Already bought. Hopefully he can Azpellicueta part 2 and provide good back up when needed.

- Delac (back from loan) Hav read good reviews about him. Hopefully provides good back up to Cech.

- Blackman (back from loan) Cant be worse than Hilario as 3rd choice GK

- Luke Shaw (13m) A wonder kid as we all know. We can buy and loan him back to Sotons where he will surely get ample playing time

25 man SQUAD

GK - Cech Delac Blackman

RB - Cezar Wallace

CB - Terry Iva Luiz Cahill Ake

LB - Cole Bertand

CM 1 - Khedira(or gundogan or MIkel) Romeu

CM 2 - Ramires lamps

CM 3 - Oscar KDB

AMR - Hazard Moses

AML - Mata Schurrle

ST - Lewandowski Lukaku Ba

Net transfer spend (NTS)= (30 + 20 + 40 + 5 + 13) - (10 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 15) = 70m

Ofcourse there will some slight variation in situations like if we

> buy cavani then NTS = 85m

> dont buy khedira/gundogan then NTS = 45m

I believe this squad will be good enough to challenge for all 4 trophies on all fronts.

This is our time and its time for us to rise

"Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.".....Christopher Nolan

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