WAGNH Summer Shopping Spree - Making Chelsea BEAST!!



£100m, and sooooooo many players that could potentially be bought.

It was suprisingly difficult to decide who to buy and who to sell, as you had to think about how would this impact the squad and who the squad most needed. This is my attempt at spending that £100 million!!!

Chelsea players on loan at time of writing: >Lukaku >Courtois >Essien >Piazon >De Bruyne >Bruma >Delac >Kalas >van Aanholt >Kakuta >Omeruo >Hazard >Wallace >Mceachran >Hutchinson >Kane >Chalobah >Davila > Bamford >Walker >Clifford >Pirez

Chelsea players (at Chelsea) at time of writing: >Cech >Ivanovic >Cole >Luiz >Romeu >Ramires >Lampard >Torres >Mata >Oscar >Mikel >Moses >Malouda (LEAVING) >Hazard >Ferreira (LEAVING) >Marin >Turnbull (LEAVING) >Cahill >Terry >Azpilicueta >Ba >Benayoun (LEAVING) >Bertrand >Hilario (LEAVING) >Ake


Romeu – loan – After his major injury I think a loan would be the most sensible option for Romeu as first team chances will be limited and he needs to regain fitness –loan to another English club such as West ham.

Torres - £15 million – Much of this season, while scoring 22 goals, Torres has been a hindrance at best, after all he was the one who (reportedly) got Di Matteo sacked. It would be best for both him and the club if he moved away.

Marin – loan – He needs games, but at the moment he hasn’t got a chance at Chelsea with the likes of Mata, Oscar, Hazard and Moses in the way. – Loan to someone that will use him and hopefully he can reach his potential of being the "German Messi."

Terry - £6 million – Don’t like him; don’t need him, good riddance.

- <!--[endif]-->Means there is £121 million to spend


Mats Hummels (24), Borrussia Dortmund - £25 million – Already one of the best defenders in the game, Hummels would be a perfect (but not cheap) long term solution to Chelsea’s defence as he is able to play sweeping long balls out from defence and is quick on his feet. He has also a regular in the German national team, which is amazing considering he does not belong to Bayern Munich. Him and Luiz would form a formidable pairing and he would hopefully be able to cover for Luiz’s usual mistakes.

Mats Hummels | German Talent | World's Best Creative Centre Back (via Nibzza)

Thiago Alcantara (22), Barcelona - £15 million – With this guy and maybe a defensive midfield player, Chelsea’s midfield would be sorted. He is the sort of play-making midfielder Chelsea needed to link the defence with the attack, he is an excellent passer of the ball and for just a reported £15 million: what a steal.

Thiago Alcantara ll HD ll 2010/2011 (via TheItaProductions)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (31), PSG - £13 million - I Think Chelsea should genuinely try to sign Ibrahimovic as he has proved himself as top class striker at a number of big clubs so we would be pretty much assured 25+ goals from him. He may be 31, however I see that as a good thing if you look at it in the way that, one: his transfer fee would be lower -£13million would be a bargain for a player who can do this:



And two, Lukaku is rapidly turning into a top top striker and were we to sign a younger big name such as Falcao or Cavani, it would decrease his chances in the first team for the foreseeable future meaning he would be better out on loan (or moving to another club) so at least with Ibrahimovic he could be seen as a 2 year solution (or shorter) to the striker problem so when Lukaku is ready to step into the striker role at Chelsea, another world class striker is not hampering his chances.

Sami Khedira (26), Real Madrid - £20 million – Khedira would solve Chelsea’s defensive midfield problem (Mikel). He also likes to get forward which can only be seen as a bonus as long as he doesn’t leave the defence exposed. Like mats Hummels, he is also an important player in the German national team and therefore would be able to link up and communicate with Hummels to form a reliable link between the defence and midfield.

Reus (23), Borrussia Dortmund - £35 million – ANOTHER GERMAN!!!!! This season we have really been lacking in the winger role with Oscar not being a natural winger and Moses and Marin not having the quality (yet) to fill this void. So in my opinion, Reus would be the perfect signing as he can play in the wide role, however he can also play as a forward which would give Chelsea another option in attack. Furthermore he is very young so this would pretty much assure Chelsea's front men in the long term with Hazard, Reus and Lukaku all yet to rech their prime, I would feel sorry for any team who had to play us. Plus he makes amazing runs and is an excellent finisher:



Luke Shaw (17), Southampton - £12 million – Ashley Cole is not getting any younger while Bertrand had not lived up to the hype of last season. Shaw is just 17 and he has already impressed in the premier league. He should be seen as the potential replacement for Ashley Cole. Plus he supports Chelsea. – Should be loaned straight back out to Southampton for the season.

- <!--[endif]-->Spent: £120 million -(1million left over)


-Essien (30) – Would provide extra depth for the midfield and only has one year left on his contract which is a big incentive to play better.

- Kakuta (21) – Would provide another alternative out wide and I think he deserves a chance in the first team after all them loan spells.

-Delac (20) – Should be recalled for one season to provide cover for Cech.

Keep out on loan (notable players):

-Lukaku – Should stay out on loan to continue development, possibly at Borrussia Dortmund as they will need a new striker should Reus and Lewandowski leave. This will also give him experience of champions league football.

-Courtois – Should stay at Atletico Madrid for another season as Cech doesn’t look like giving up his first team spot yet.

- De Bruyne – Should be loaned to a bigger club, Dortmund or an English team would be the best destinations.

-Chalobah - should be loaned back out to Watford if they get promoted, if not a team like Hull will do.

-All the rest of the players should stay out on loan to continue development.

New Chelsea first team:

>Cech >Delac >Azpilicueta >Cole >Bertrand >Ivanovic >Luiz >Hummels >Cahill >Essien >Khedira >Ramires >Lampard >Thiago Alcantara >Mata >Oscar >Mikel >Moses >Hazard >Kakuta >Reus >Ibrahimovic >Ba >Ake

Formation 4-3-3 (more like a 4-2-1-3)


Azpilicueta - Luiz - Hummels - Cole

Khedira - Thiago Alcantara


Reus – Ibrahimovic - Hazard

Subs: Delac, Oscar, Lampard, Ramires, Essien, Ivanovic, Ba (was not sure about the subs).

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, I hope you agree with me on the signings and if this were to happen I would be pretty confident that Chelsea would win the EPL.

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