WAGNHSSS (too much time after finals)


Cech (Monaco £15m-Ranieri + money), Bruma (£5m)

Torres (£5m-only way any club would pay his massive wages)


Schwarzer (£5m Free), Shaw (£20m)

Son: £15m-winger/striker, both feet, phenomenal marketing potential

Fellaini: £25m-can play almost every position, combat City

Varane: £35m-young, will form a partnership w/ DL for years


Kalas: Newcastle-losing Coloccini

Omeruo: Crystal Palace/Brighton/Wigan-Holloway/Poyet/Martinez

PVA: West Ham-he can already attack, Big Sam will improve his defence

Shaw: Southampton

Kane: Blackburn-already cemented a starting spot

Chalobah: Watford (assuming promotion)

RLC: Fulham

Ake: Crystal Palace/Brighton/Wigan

Baker: Crystal Palace/Brighton/Wigan

McEachran: Crystal Palace/Brighton/Wigan

Swift: Championship team

Kakuta: WBA-losing Odemwingie, Fortune, and probably Dorrans. They need wingers/playmakers

Piazon: Malaga

Thorgan: Bremen (replace KDB)

Christensen: Vitesse (replace Kalas)

Boga: Vitesse (replace Kakuta)

NB: ( ) means can play in that position but not optimal

GK: Courtois, Schwarzer, Blackman

CB: DL, Varane, Brana, Cahill, JT

LB: Cole, Bertrand

RB: Azpi, (Brana), (Essien)

CDM: Mikel, Romeu, Fellaini

CM: Ramires, Oscar, Lampard, Essien, (Fellaini)

Wing: Mata, Hazard, KDB, Moses, Son

ST: LUKAKU, Ba, (Son), (Fellaini)

Line-up 433


Azpi DL (C) Varane Cole


Ramires Oscar

Mata Hazard


Bench: Schwarzer, Brana, Essien, Lampard, KDB, Son, Ba

Line-up 4231


Azpi DL (C) Varane Cole

Fellaini Mikel

Mata Oscar Hazard


Bench: Schwarzer, Brana, Essien, Lampard, KDB, Son, Ba

Carling Cup/early FA cup Line-up


Brana Cahill JT (C) Bertrand


Essien Lampard

Moses De Bruyne


Bench: Blackman, DL, Romeu, Fellaini, Mata, Hazard, Son

Manager: Special One

Assistant: Paolo

Now for my explanation. Cech was by far the hardest decision. I still remember getting excited about a 6’5’’ keeper from Rennes signed by Ranieri. He is and always will be a legend but the timing is perfect. Courtois has had 2 solid seasons where he has established himself as the top keeper in one of the best leagues in the world. I can’t see how much more he’ll develop from playing in Atletico. With Monaco getting promoted, they will be looking to splash the cash, and what better keeper than the one originally signed by their manager. £15m for a world class keeper who speaks French and is only 31 sounds appropriate. Bruma I can’t see getting into this team especially with the likes of Omeruo and Kalas coming through. £5m would be excellent. Torres for £5m I have to admit is optimistic. Likelihood is a free transfer is the best we can expect with those kinds of wages.

As backup, I chose Schwarzer. He’s a free agent, and he’s always impressed me with how stable he is. He’s 40 so he won’t expect to many minutes, but he’s someone you’d feel comfortable with having as a backup. The same could not be said about Turnbull or Hilario.


It’s a lot, but that’s how much I think Varane would cost to force the issue. If not him, I would take Subotic. At 19, Varane has the maturity of a veteran, with excellent pace and incredible tackling ability. He’s also not too shabby at attacking corners.


Excellent at only 17, English, and a Chelsea fan. Stout at defending, and as shown against Chelsea, has searing pace when attacking. Completely unacceptable if Chelsea pass on him. I understand that Southampton no longer need to sell, so the transfer fee will be high. Cole will be here for another year so it would be best for Shaw to stay in Southampton. In the meantime, we can choose between Bertrand and PVA. From 14/15, it will be a straight fight for the starting LB role.


Fellaini has always irked me. I’m never quite sure what to make of him. At times he seems unplayable, and in others he can be a lumbering oof. However, we have sorely lacked physicality in the middle of the park and Fellaini is precisely the kind of player that will stamp his authority. His versatility is another upside. From, defense to striker, Fellaini has played it all and excelled. And of course the magnificent hair would be a perfect complement to DL.

Son Heung-Min

The 20-year old forward of Hamburg. 6’1’’ with pace, comfortable on both feet, and Korean. I don’t care how many trips to Asia Chelsea make, in terms of fan base, they lag far behind United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Having ‘history’ helps, but also the fact that the teams are red (just ask the Cardiff fans). An up-and-coming Korean forward in a top Premiership team who happens to be sponsored by a leading Korean company is as perfect as marketing heaven could imagine. And World Cup is just around the corner. Of course from a footballing perspective, he has massive potential and is flexible enough that we can play him on either wing, in the hole, or as a striker.


Straightforward really. I feel our youth have made excellent strides this season to the point that many are ready for Premiership experience. This a make-or-break season for PVA and Kakuta. Breakouts are expected of RLC, Kalas, and Thorgan. As someone mentioned previously, there is no downside to having so many talented youths. If there is no space for them in Chelsea, we can sell for a profit.


I have never liked 4231. It requires very specific subsets of players (pivot, playmaker). On top of that, it does not play to the strengths of our team. Mata played RW with AVB. Robben & Duff played under Mourinho. I'm sure we can figure this out. This will also allow Oscar to play from slightly deeper where he'll have more time to dictate play, but it won't force him all the way back into the pivot. Ramires will be the shuttler, with Essien as backup. I hope that with KDB's workrate, he will improve his defence to the point where he can challenge Ramires for the spot. This will result in 4 potential playmakers (Oscar, KDB, Mata, Hazard), on the pitch at the same time. 433 also allows Lampard to reprise his original role of an attacking CM. In terms of backup wingers, Moses on RW, KDB on both wings or as CM, and Son can play either wing or up front. LUKAKU will lead the line with backups including Ba, Son, and Fellaini. CB pair is straight forward. JT is in his final year and with this young pairing, I can't see him staying beyond that unless he accepts a reduced role and a massive paycut. Cahill and Brana will act as backup with hopefully one of Omeruo or Kalas taking up a squad role for 14/15.


The future is indeed bright. We have a set of young players with enormous talent. There are holes that need to be filled, but with the right moves in the market, and a competent manager leading the team, this has the makings of a fantastic season.

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