Ruben Loftus-Cheek v Manchester City: Video and Player Focus


Hello friends at WAGNH. Yea, I know, I said I wouldn’t do another comps, but I decided to and you shall enjoy it. Or else. Please? Okay, now that we have that settled, let’s discus a youngster that has been having a great season playing with the other baby blues. Since this review will be covering a bit more than a match, and will be longer than my other fanposts, I’ll call this article ‘Player Focus’. Now, as previously agreed, enjoy.

Ruben plays in a position that I hardly know how to judge, but there is something about him – that simplicity and sturdiness that he shows in the middle of the pitch – that has caught my eye recently. The afro-donning 17 year-old is already a popular player amongst Chelsea fans, and he has even caught the attention of the media after Chelsea gave him a contract that will see him earning 1.7m pounds a year, which is apparently morally and ethically wrong; but I think it’s weird to criticize the lad, or the club, for this lucrative agreement. In any case, it can hardly be argued that he’s definitely a youngster that even the most pessimistic can envision weathering the figurative storm that seemingly prevented Chelsea academy players past from scraping their way into football’s equivalent of the Majors. (I say seemingly because this is kind of a misrepresentation of reality) You can see that I’m particularly fond of this prospect.

This Manchester City game is, in many ways, a perfect representation of where he is now as a player - some turnovers of his could really have cost us, and were perfectly unnecessary - and how much he has to offer to the club – His dribbling skill refreshingly bears semblance to players in more attacking positions, and his passing, like Ake’s, is crisp and direct. He might as well be a German, quite frankly, and his feverish tackling and calm play and utter solidity on the ball makes him similar to a very capable player that is now retired – Michael Ballack. Yes, this comparison has been made my many a commentator, and I must say that I find no reason to disagree, even though it’s in my nature to disagree a lot. He’s only 17, mind you, and he was the 4rd best player against a strong City team (ruthlessly keeping most of their first-team players in the starting lineup for this match). I feel that it’s not too unfitting, too presumptuous, to already recommend him for first-team duty as early as next season. Yes, I’m being serious.

It should be noted that, among our prospects in midfield, I value Chalobah the most, with his immediate subordinate always Ake in my mind, but that opinion is quickly changing (Granted, Ake had a brilliant game too. Even better than Ruben because of his shot attempts. He was second, in my opinion, behind Ramires and above Torres.) Ruben just seems to make more sense than Ake as a Chelsea player, more similar to Chalobah in the way he positions himself and controls the tempo effortlessly. As I said earlier, I'm really unsure of how to judge this position properly, but I'm willing to put this on the line and say that next season he WILL be featured by whoever our new coach is. I'll be damned if he goes out on loan, unless we buy a Modric or another player or two of similar calibre. He has that thing that so few players have; that intangible that can't quite be put into words; that thing that separates the stars from the superstars. I hope more than a few of you agree with me when I say that he can be one of the top 5 best midfielders in the world, given the proper opportunity to shine. Indeed, he already has a few admirers - one of the fans, when quized on who they prefer between Ake and Chalobah, went so far to inject his name into the discussion, even hailing Loftus as the best of the three:


This, to me, is a nice sign, and I can find myself agreeing, though tentatively, with James Bond here (LB007). If I see a bit more of Loftus, I might start digging him more than star prospect Nathaniel. This preseason is a splendid stage for the world to see how good he can be, and I'm sure he can deliver.

So there it is, my ramblings on the super-prospect we have - Loftus Cheek. If you've enjoyed this article, please Rec, and tell me where I went wrong, whether it was my off-topicnecedness or my overly-gleeful presentation.

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