My other STL Chelsea experience (game edition)

Ho-Hummm Chelsea blows a 3-0 lead with 25 minutes left to lose 4-3!?! Most fans would be sad/devastated at the result. But not this guy. Last night ranks in one of my top 5 nights of all time and I was on cloud nine all night. I'll give you all a recap of my night! #socceratbusch

Once again I left the ol' jobski about 20-30 min early to beat traffic. I would feel bad but my current employer was one of the main sponsors of the whole event so it was frowned upon to not go. I got downtown at like 5ish and found a free parking spot on the side of the road(that in itself really could have made my night). Met up with my dad, sister, girlfriend, and buddy Ian who parked a few blocks down. From there we went to Mike Shannon's which is a huge bar close to the stadium. Most of the soccer community also had the same idea so there was plenty of my former teammates and collegues there to converse and get rowdy for the game with. After quite a few beers, shots, and more beers it was about 7 and time to head into the stadium. I had originally planned on going in early to watch warmups but free beer has its perks so yea.

Chelsea did an absolutely unbelievable job campaigning and marketing for this game. There was a mini turf field for 3v3 that most parents pawned there kids off while they drank more beers. There was a tent with the Euruopa League trophy available to take pictures. I did not get a picture with it as I dont really care that we won. WHY COULDNT IT HAVE BEEN THE TROPHY WITH THE BIG EARS!?! oh well. I signed up for a raffle to win a game worn jersey. I didnt win. Shocking. TIME TO GO INTO THE GAME.

My seats were decent, relatively high up but I had a great view of the whole field. I was behind Cech in section 355 for those who want to look up the seating chart(no one will probably even read this let alone take the time to google the seating chart). The first half was decent. Ba's goal was fantastic and Mata's ball was even better. Cech stood on his helmet and City was clearly the dominant team. Happy for Cesar to get his first Chelsea goal though! Second half started great with Oscar's goal and ended way less great with you know what happened. Poor Big Blacks.

Apart from the game itself, the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Busch Stadium is a magical place where magical things happen (anyone remember Game 6?). Ive been fortunate to see many events there over the course of my young life and this was the third most packed Ive ever seen it. The first being a U2 concert and the second being a DMB concert. The crowd was very pro-Chelsea throughout the game and it was basically a homegame for the Blues. However, when City started to comeback more and more fans began to erupt when they scored. That made me sad. There is a very very large Bosnian population in St. Louis and Dzeko scoring two goals as a sub really must have made their night.

After the game I went to a bar and drank lots of beers with lots of friends to celebrate the evening. While the outcome of the game was disappointing the game itself was not. It was amazing for the St. Louis soccer scene and I really think it proves we could/should have an MLS team. NY does not need two teams when we dont have one. St. Louis has one of the richest soccer histories in the entire United States and there is no doubt we could fill a 20,000 seat stadium. It was great for the neutral fan as well. No goals in soccer! Soccer is boring! Surprised it wasnt a 1-0 game! PSYCH, try 7 goals. On ESPN. In America. What could be better? Well...a few things but that is besides the point.

I love St. Louis. I love Chelsea. I LOVED CHELSEA IN ST. LOUIS!

Thanks for reading my ramblings...deuces!

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