David Luiz #4 Captain



I loved David Luiz ever since he came to the Bridge in January 2011. His hair, his goofiness, his marauding runs, his inexplicable sense of humor, his hair, his in-born Brazilian traits on the ball, his attacking prowess, and did i mention his HAIR???

David Luiz had a pretty decent start to his Chelsea career in the second half of the 2010-2011 season. He endeared to us after scoring his first goal in the blue jersey:

David Luiz vs. Manchester United (1-1) from Zielok on Vimeo.

Even more so that it was against the Red scum current champions.

However, Luiz's performances spiraled down after his promising debut. Defensive errors marred his position as a centre back, which culminated with Carlo Ancelotti's infamous half time substitution of Luiz after conceding a simple early goal to a particularly sneaky Mexican. This pattern continued on, especially so under Andre Villas-Boas' ridiculous high pressing line tactics, and that led to Gary Neville's unnecessary Playstation comparison.

Despite the fact that Luiz's defensive game needed much disciplined polishing, I always believed that he could and would only get better and improve. Throw in the fact that he already has as much technical abilities and skills on the ball as MAZACAR, David Luiz is the most all-rounded player on the field. He would undeniably be one of the vital cogs, if not, if i dare say, THE MOST vital cog of the sleek silky smooth attacking blue machine that Roman Abramovich wants to see playing attractive football.

I truly believe that under Jose Mourinho's (if he's coming back) tutelage and discipline, Luiz would become a truly unstoppable force be it in the back line or midfield. If he is even able to hone 50% of the strong solid defensive work emphasized and implemented by Jose Mourinho in the 2004-2006 years, David Luiz would almost be the perfect footballer.

Having said that, based on my belief that the old guards of John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Petr Cech would eventually age and retire, the new incoming era and generation of players require a strong resolute leader. As much as I would like to see the old guards stay evergreen and limp on in the Bridge forever, sadly, not everyone is Ryan Giggs.

Hence, I nominate David Luiz as the future Chelsea captain. Sure, Juan Mata plays a more important role. Yeah, whichever future striker will be banging the goals in. I agree, Luiz and all his foolish quirks is not suited for captaincy. But, one thing Luiz does have is the passion and hunger for the club. That I can see in him every time he scores a goal, makes a a crucial interception, dives into crunching tackles and so forth. On the field, David Luiz is a true leader.

Of course he will need time to develop the qualities of Terry and Lampard to lead on the field, marshall the defence, galvanize his teammates and be an exemplary role model. I am just saying that, after all the old guards, Luiz will be the next in line for captaincy, and he will soon be the future Chelsea captain.

Oh and a favour to ask everyone. Could someone please please PLEASE make a David Luiz 2012/2013 goals compilation? He's had a stellar season and I think he deserves one for all the amazing goals, and more so for the OMGWTFBBQHOWTHEHELLDIDHEDOTHAT goals he's scored this season. And please use the original match replays with the commentary and celebrations. I hate those compilations with trashy music and the unnecessary visual effects.

Share it on WAGNH or somewhere when you're done so that we can all enjoy and appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

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