Poaching relegated talent

Now that the season is finally over, and all the fights for title, 4th place, and relegation are over, we get a fair picture of what we are going to see next year.

But like it happens in all the seasons where we see a few very good players getting relegated, are often poached by any of the PL teams, Be it Jarvis for West Ham, Scott Parker for Tottenham and many others.

Hence, I thought of looking into each of the rosters of the relegated teams, and try and see which of the players are worth being considered for being picked up by Chelsea.

This post is just an indication of my views on these players, which does not mean that I really want them at Chelsea


Where do I begin?. As we all know, QPR at the beginning of the season went all PSG in the transfer window and bought almost anyone who was available or transfer listed, and we all know how it all turned out, much to our delight.

No matter how bad QPR played this season, there is no denying that they have a few quality players which could at least, in truth provide some back up to Chelsea squad. One of them is Loic Remy.

Loic Remy joined QPR in the January transfer window and scored a goal on his debut giving QPR some unlikely hope of survival. He ended up with 6 goals in 14 appearances which is a decent return for a bottom side. In the half season where he showcased his talent in PL, he reminded me a lot of Sturridge, he is quick, likes to shoot and is a decent finisher. But at the age of 26 and his recent rape allegations, it will be wise if we do not go for him.

Other players which we can consider picking are the two goal keepers Cesar and Green. With the eminent departure of Hilario and Turnbull and with no sign of Courtois returning, It would be a safe bet if we try and buy any of the two shot stoppers.

Although, I would personally prefer for us to buy Cesar, it looks highly unlikely that he would shift to Chelsea for a back up role as he can still easily get a starting role in many BPL clubs.

This leaves us with Robert Green who has made himself quite a good reputation of making hilarious howlers. But given that he is English(Pl rules) and his acceptance of the back up roll, it would not be a bad choice for us to go for him, after all he cannot be much worse than Turnbull, Or can he?.

But I guess one of the major issues which needs urgent handling is, Where do we send Agent Bosingwa next? Arsenal? Spurs? Liverpool?


At the beginning of the season, if anybody would have given me an opportunity to pick one player from Reading, I would have said Pavel Pogrebnyak without hesitation.

But apart from his goal against Chelsea where he made Gary Cahill look like Tal Ben Haim, he did absolutely nothing in the rest of the season which prompted fans to ask for justification of his huge wages. He ended up with only 5 goals in about 30 appearances which speaks volume of his failure.

Adam Le Fondre is a name I am sure many of us will not forget even if we want to, courtesy of his 2 late goals against us helping Reading earn a draw after only coming on as a substitute. In fact, Le Fondre has made himself quite a good reputation of being a 'super sub' after scoring 8 of his 12 goals as a substitute and starting only 11 of his 30+ games in the season.

Le Fondre could well be worth a cheeky signing given that he can be bought for the price of peanuts and if he could score the same amount of goals after coming on as he did this season, then he will be considered a very interesting signing and could very well be our Chicharito.


I really really liked Wigan, they got some fighters in their teams and a few great talents as well like Maloney, Kone, Callum Mcmanaman.

I am going to concentrate on Kone and Callum Mcmanaman as they are clearly the brightest of the talents in all of the relegated teams.

Arouna Kone, the 29 year old Ivory coast striker was bought for around €3.5 million from Levante and had a pretty good debut season. he scored 11 goals and featured in all the matches except the ones he was unavailable for due to the Afcon. According to me he is a complete forward who can win headers, hold up play, can beat defenders and one who can certainly find the net.

At 29 though, he would not be a good signing as we already have strikers who are very similar to him and of the similar age and Kone would not be a major upgrade to anyone of them. But if only he were a few years younger then I would have had a different opinion of him.

Callum Mcmanaman was one of the exciting young players of this season. He certainly stamped his authority in the latter stages of the season by providing scintillating performances in every game. He was the major reason for Wigan's FA cup triumph as he scored in the 5th and the quarter finals of the competition and came up with a man of the match performance in the final.

With the little I have seen of him, he already seems to be much better than our own Victor Moses who himself was poached by us from Wigan. Given the departure of Yossi and possibly Marin, and if Schurrle deal falls through, he could be more than a decent buy who can provide much needed back up to our amigos without much drop in quality.

These are few of the talents of the relegated teams which I thought could be considered as potential signings, you are free to disagree with me or add your on players apart from the ones I mentioned.

Hope you enjoyed reading it :)

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