An American View: Loan Players' Futures

There are currently 22 Chelsea players that are loaned out to other clubs. Some have gone out to gain experience, some have been loaned to find the lost spark, and others are too good for the reserve team, but not good enough to play for the first team. The time has come where some of these players are at the point where a loan no longer makes sense. (This is my first post, go easy on me.)

Loanees to release/sell:



Matej Delac- The once promising 20-year-old Croatian has failed to make much of an impact on his loans to several teams in the past. The signing of Thibaut Courtois has sealed the deal that this player needs to leave Chelsea. We can definitely make a pretty penny off of him, as he still has the potential to make an impact for a top team.



Jeffrey Bruma- It seems all hope is lost with this 21-year-old defender. The first few loans to Germany were successful, but recently he has not been able to make the first team in a mediocre German side. Chelsea will not have room for such an inconsistent player in our team. It is also very disheartening to have players near the same age, such as Oscar (21), Hazard (22), Azpilicueta (recently 23), and Moses (22) who are performing so well at such a young age. It's time to let Bruma go. He has not reached the potential once thought.



Gaël Kakuta- I still have not forgotten the penalty he took right at the keeper against Blackburn in the League Cup quarter-finals (I never forget who misses decisive penalties). Harsh, I know, but this player has been a let down since day one. No one needs reminding of the transfer scandal. Simply put he has got to go. Sell for cheap to a mid-table French team.

Others to be released:

Patrick van Aanholt: I really can't see him breaking into the first team, with Ashley Cole on for at least another year, and Bertrand (even Wallace) to make a better impact at that position.

Sam Hutchinson: As much as I love his story and dedication to the team, we all know he will never be a consistent first team player, maybe not even a rotation player. He would do better with a Championship side, more first-team play, maybe even better wages.

Some Chelsea players are finally ready to make the first team or come back to the first team (I believe).



Romelu Lukaku- Who didn't see this coming? Honestly, he might be our best striker of the season and he didn't even play for us. One goal behind Ba (15) who scored most of his goals for Newcastle. I don't see much need to buy a striker this summer, as Lukaku has shown that he can score and he will work hard for his spot. Nearly a goal every other game (14 in 31), that's more than Torres can vouch for, not scoring in the Premier League in 2013. This one is a no brainer.



Kevin de Bruyne: I really like this player and I definitely think he will add to the threat that Mata, Hazard, and Oscar already bring. I am confident there won't be a lack of talent when he comes on for a substitution for any of the three midfielders (much different than Benayoun coming on). I know he would be great leverage for a German signing of Lewandowski, but the potential KdB brings to the table is something I can't turn away from.

Others to give a first-team chance:

Michael Essien: Especially if Mourinho comes back, I know he will have an impact. I love him far too much to not give him a second chance, and he has seemed to hold his own in Spain.

Josh McEachran: This one is a bit iffy, but I would love for him to be there while Lampard is still there (hoping for a 1-year extension) to learn from him and show him the ropes. It would be nice to see him grow with the Mata, Hazard, Oscar combination, as well.

There are some players that are on loan, but just don't have what it takes to make an impact on the first team.



Lucas Piazon: "The Next Kaka" has definitely shown a lot of promise. I am happy he is getting time at Malaga, but I would love for him to see the Premier League day in day out at a lower, mid-table team. Get accustomed to the English ways and get 20-25 games under his belt.



Nathaniel Chalobah: The 18-year-old defender is currently at Watford with 38 games and 5 goals. We need to keep him exactly where he is. A very impressive loan and I can only see things continuing to progress for him. Keep your eye on him. He will be challenging Gary Cahill for his spot soon enough (for club and country).

Others to stay on loan:

Wallace: Very happy with this signing. He will give Bertrand a run for his money in the coming years after Ashley has ended his legendary run as the best left back in the world.

Thibaut Courtois: A brilliant keeper, no doubt about it. Cech has a couple years left in him, though. Keep him at Atletico and let him keep breaking records and get those Champions League matches in.

Kalas and Kane: These defenders are showing serious potential. Consistency will be key and maybe some luck to let the big men upstairs to take notice.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my very first American-view of the game and of our beloved Chelsea. Please follow me on Twitter: @TannerRedden or find me on Facebook:

- J. Tanner Redden

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