Imaginary Malaga Squad Next Season (With The Help From Chelsea Youngsters)

While everyone is busy with Ferguson retirement and Hazard-esque Mourinho returns to Chelsea. I'm suddenly excited to see the prospects of Chelsea youngsters. I consider Jose Mourinho*) as a manager who doesn't seem to use youngsters on regular basis unlike Guardiola, Ferguson, or Wenger. However, with promising talents already in our pocket, we can say that these youngsters are ready to step in for higher level. Let's say they're good enough for Chelsea but not for current first team so getting more minutes on loan is a better option. It's a good thing that Chelsea already have Vitesse as feeder club. And it's getting better with Malaga joined Vitesse as well ( I know we can't consider them as feeder as the contract probably say bla bla, whatever).

*) Amen To That

Malaga, I can say, is on the same level with Chelsea. Not entirely the same in all aspects but looking at the competition level and current position in the league, Malaga for sure is Champions League level. Which is ours too. They also backed by rich owner like us, but with some problems against UEFA they have to deal with, they had to be extra aware in spending money. With upcoming FFP is on the list of their obstacle in buying quality players, getting players from loan definitely the only likely option available for them.

Malaga currently have 5 players coming from loan (Lucas Piazon, Oguchi Onyewu, Roque Santa-Cruz, Diego Lugano, and Vitorino Antunes). Those players future in Malaga, off course, are in doubt. They could be back to their parent clubs and could stay as well. In this piece I Imagine that all of them are leaving so there'll be 5 spots to fill in. So let's start to imagine which positions they have to improve and whose Chelsea players could fill the spot:

1. Defense

Patrick Van Aanholt

Since Nacho Monreal joined Arsenal, the left back spot belonged to Vitorio Antunes, which is a loan from a club named "PacoS de Ferreira", a Portuguese club (in case you don't know, like me). Antunes didn't offer the same quality as Monreal did so the left side of Malaga is a bit lost of something that Monreal provided. Altough Eliseu and Duda can play as left back, they weren't able to play at their best since it's not their favoured position. I'm not too sure whether PvA is going to be as good as Monreal for Malaga in short time but I believe he'd be improvement to those aforementioned names.

Tomas Kalas/Kenneth Omeruo

This is harsh but in my opinion Jesus Gamez is average player for Champions League level. I wouldn't say Kalas and Omeruo are the best choice to improve the right side but considering their performance for Eredivisie this season and their versatility in defense (both can play as CB and RB), with only Demichelis and Welligton as recognized CB, Malaga surely needs one of them.

2. Midfield

Kevin De Bruyne

Yes, KDB has quality to play with Chelsea first team next season. However, if I were Jose Mourinho, I'd rather send him on loan again and Malaga is the best place for him. Simply because Pellegrini likes a creative players who can play from deeper position. This opinion not only based on the fact that Piazon started from Pivot position twice this season, but also based on what I saw when Cazorla still working with him both at Villareal and Malaga, which he was deployed as pivot, and also, as deep lying playmaker too. I would like to see this happening to KDB. Considering it's hard to replace Mata-Hazard and we have too many players to play for attacking midfield position.

Lucas Piazon/Marko Marin

I can't say much about this guy but he should play for Malaga again next season, especially if Isco leaves. You can browse his video and read usual weekly loan report by Steve, and you'll understand why.

About Marko Marin, it would be good for him to go out as he hasn't played much football this year. Especially on permanent basis. But if the club still trust his ability, sending him on loan is an option. However, with the likes of Isco, Joaquin, Eliseu, and Portillo, it'd be difficult place for him to get first team too.

3. Forward

Romelu Lukaku

Honestly, I want Lukaku to play for Chelsea next season. I personally think he could compete (and even won) for a striker spot against Ba and Torres. Plus, we can retain his home grown status here. However, with rumour linking us with top class names are going to arrive at Stamford Bridge next season, and he's only 19 year old, it's quite a wise decision to send him on loan again. This time, to a top side of La Liga.*

*Personally would like to see him bullying Barceloner with his physical awesomeness

We all know that beside those names, Chelsea still have lots of talents on loan or at Cobham. However, Malaga is a top side in a top league. I assume that players like Wallace, Ake, Thorgan Hazard, Kakuta, et. al. are still not ready yet for that level and I'm afraid they wouldn't get minutes at La Rosaleda. And some locals, like McEachran, Chalobah, Kane, et. al. will be much better to play for English side due to retain their home grown status. Yet it's up to the situation whether who should be going and who shouldn't.

And here's my "dream team" for Malaga:

Caballero (GK)
Kalas - Welligton - Demichelis - PvA (DF)
Toulalan - KDB (MF)
Joaquin - Isco - Piazon (AMF)
Lukaku (CF)

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