8 Players we're not going to see next season

This is a commented list of players that I believe we're not going to see playing for Chelsea next season. Hope you enjoy!

Paulo Ferreira: After almost 10 years in the club, the time for the portuguese right back has finally come. He's not a first team regular since 2010, when Ivanovic and Bosingwa got injured and he had to play some matches under Ancelotti's control. He played a very solid match under Di Matteo's management, against Benfica in Portugal, his last great game for us. After this, he can't even be a reserve; he made bad appearences against weak oppositions, like Boro and Rubin Kazan. He's 34 and he's running out of contract. There's no reason to renew it, so, it's to go. The only doubt is: what is next for Paulo? Retirement, with a farewelll match in Stamford Bridge and a party with lots of strippers, cocain and drinking champagne with Mourinho? Going back to Portugal? Playing for a small team in EPL? Assistent manager? Time will tell

Yossi Benayoun: Came in 2010, a reposition for Joe Cole's exit. At time, he was a bench warmer in Liverpool, an old player in decay. An injury made him unavaliable almost all season. After, played on loan for Arsenal and West Ham, then was resurrected in a black magic ritual by the witch Albus Dumblenitez. He's playing the current season, but not good. His only good appearence was against Rubin Kazan, in Stamford Bridge, a Euro League match. He's 33 next May 5 - like everybody says, your life change after you're 33. He will run out of contract when 33, so we will never see him again. Thank you Jesus!!

Henrique Hilário: 37 years old, our very own Zanetti. 7 years playing for Chelsea. A Mourinho indication for third goalkeeper in 2006, Hilário was last seen in the beginning of the AVB era, when Cech had an injury and missed the first matches in the season. Oh, he also appeared in the marketing campaign of our new kit, for 2013-2014 season, showing the goalkeeper kit along with Cech. He's running out of contract and he's very, very old. He isn't in Chelsea level, but I guess can still play some years for smaller teams. I guess he will not retire, but also, will not stay in Chelsea; unless he got a job as a model, testing new goalkeeper kit. I can even think about a fashion brand with his name: Henri Hilary's lifestyle

Ross Turnbull: Came in 2010 after the departure of Cudicini A former Boro goalkeeper, Turnbull earned chances against Internazionale in Champions League, where both Cech and Hilario were injured. He conquered the post of imediate Cech reserve after a bizarre Carling Cup start in 2011 where he catched about 223 penalty kicks. But it wasn't enough; Turnbull always seemed insecure when starting for Chelsea. He's running out of contract too, is 27 and our board doesn't seem to make any move to renew it. We will need reservers goalkeepers; we have a lot of good ones playing on loan, and Jamal Blackman. They can do better than Turnbull and Hilário.

Florent Malouda: He still had contract. But won't be, after the end of the season. That means we won't have to pay his big wages anymore, so, our annual payroll will breathe - that same applies for any player that will go out of contract. His career in Chelsea had ups and downs, but generally, it was worth it signing him.

Marko Marin: The tiny Marko Marin came even before the 2011-12 season finished. Everybody was so happy with his signing, probably because it came just after we eliminate Barcelona in the Champions League - even Heskey would sound a great signing after that. Marin failed to impress, failed even to be a rotation player in the squad. His marking is very bad compared to, for example, Moses. He is small, but not fast. He mistakes simple passes and loses a lot of balls. But still young. With the arriving of Schurlee, it's probable that Marin will leave in loan in the next summer. Then we'll hope that he can recover, or he would be another parasite in the payroll of the club.

Fernando Torres: He had a bad season. Scored 20 goals in a 320523052304234023 chances. It sounds terrible, but when people see statistics, they just see the good numbers. 20 goals and some assists. It's necessary for some crazy russian club sign him. I don't think we'll find trouble in getting rid of him. Even a negociation with Atletico de Madrid for Falcao could happen, it's not impossible. Fact that Torres is one of the worst Chelsea players in the current squad - if he receives 5 balls in a match, he will lose 6 of them. So, I'm very hopeful that this will be the last "El Niño" season at CFC.

Frank Lampard: It's very sad to write, but I think there's 95% of chances for him to leave. The 5% would be an requirement of Jose Mourinho - but I don't even think Mou will come back... Emelano has made his mind, and his decision is to let one of our biggest legends go...

Did I forget anyone? Comment!

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