Heads Must Roll

Last season was arguably the most successful season in our Clubs history, winning the most coveted and sought- after Champions League trophy and the FA cup double making us the first LONDON club to win the trophy, and i for instance rubbed it in the faces of my friends who supported (Spuds and gunners) QPR and west ham do not have much fans here and even if they do, i hardly see them.

As expected our fixture schedule for this season was going to be massive playing in the Club World Cup, Super Cup, Champions League, Fa cup, and the League cup.

As the custom demands,Players such as Hazard, Azpi (Dave), Marin, Kevin De Bruyne, Moses, Oscar etc were brought in to boost our squad and the likes of Drogba, Kalou, Anelka had to leave because there was no consensus between them and the board in terms of their contract extension

The problem begun when players such as Essien, Meireles were loaned and sold respectively not forgetting Lukaku without replacing them and am putting this blame on the door steps of Emenalo and to some extent the board. Emenalo for me has really done well but so did RDM and the later was sacked few months into his management and i reckon Emenalo should be sacked as well since he did not do his work well

Coming into this season Chelsea had one of the leanest squads compared to the likes of City, United and Arsenal taking into consideration the fixtures that faced us, one would have thought Essien, Lukaku,and Meireles would have stayed to boost our numbers. The most abysmal decision for me was coming into the season with just one recognized CF, the fans and pundits alike were agitating for a marquee signing in a form of a center forward ala Falcao, Cavani etc. Sturridge for me was more of a wide player since he never got the chance to play in his preferred CF role, we also had one senior recognized CDM in Mikel

It is perfectly clear that this club buys players for managers rather than the manager buying their preferred players(except the Mourinho era if i am right) Fernando Torres aka Zorres and Hazard are a typical example so i thought RDM would have been given the chance at least to end the season and as usual he was booted out the door leaving the likes of Emenalo who is directly involved with recruitment of players to stay on. In a proper organization, if heads are rolling, anyone directly involved suffers

I am not crying over spilled milk since i can not bring back RDM but i want justice to prevail. I may sound spiritual but sometimes the pain of sacked mangers may have consequences

Anyway the way forward is to first and foremost

  • get a very good and well respected manager in the shape of Mourinho, Manuel Pellegrini, Juergen Klopp etc who will be able to demand the sort of players he want
  • Sign at least two central Midfielders who are good on the ball, can see a good pass and can control the tempo of games,
  • One very good and young Center Back for me these are our priority signings
  • bring back Essien, Lukaku and KDB to compete for places. if we are through with these, the board can add any luxury player to appease the fans for taking us through "Hell"

Imagine playing City on four occasions and the best results we had was a goalless draw. We need to up our game and i pray we get into top 4 to complete our revolution next season

Long live Chelsea

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