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David is 100% right about JT and Lampard being shadows of their former selves. He is right that the self-contradicting papers are indeed wrong to make any fuss over the two perhaps not starting.

And Chelsea fans ought to face the reality that they aren't as good as they used to be. However, you keep them on while they can contribute for two very important reasons. Excuse me while I get this out of my system. It must be said.

1) There are games we wouldn't have won without them, even this year. Terry's scored two from corners and made valuable blocks and clearances, not to mention clearly being a rousing presence in the locker room when he came back from injury (has anyone else noticed that we've stopped fading so much in games since he's come back?). Lamps has been Lamps and on occasion, won games all by himself. They can still offer much to the team.

2) They are legends and have been legends, and you don't cut them loose if they want to stay. It ought to be their choice if they want to end their career with Chelsea, and while they're giving to the team, you give them a year extension. It won't bankrupt us, and they've earned it. Sentiment is part of this. We're the club we are not because we win everything under the sun, but because of the people that comprise us. And for over a decade, the people who've comprised us have included John Terry and Frank Lampard. We're a better club if we honor that.

Because trophies aren't everything, but the people are. Take it from the resident historian, players can mean the world to the fans even if they don't win anything at all. And that's what you love. Yes, Munich was my favorite moment as a fan. But imagine how different it would've been if it hadn't been Terry and Lamps and Drogba, with Di Matteo at the helm. That trophy would've been something different to us if Torres had taken the last penalty and Benitez had been handling the bench. My point is this: we won't win forever, and in the years we fail, a cabinet full of shininess won't help or comfort us. But going through that with faces you love, admire, and respect, that just might. I may be alone in this, but I'd rather be a club of lovable losers than false and faithless mercenaries with all the trophies in the world.

Be more than a businessman, Roman. Sign him up.

That is all.

Post on Chelsea FC origins coming soon.

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