The plight of being a Chelsea fan nowadays.

I vividly remember the first time I watched a match at Stamford Bridge. It was in 2001, and although I was only eight at the time I remember it quite fondly. We drew 1-1 with Manchester United, and even though we didn't win just the joy of being there, cheering for a team who was giving it their all against the might of Manchester United was ecstatic, even euphoric.

This is my first post on this blog, and before I start off I have to impart that I am Maths student, hence terrible at creative writing (just a heads up).

For the last few weeks I have been going over the chelsea fixture list over and over again trying to figure out where it all went so horribly wrong. We started off this season as the Kings of Europe with the likes of Mata, Oscar, Hazard, and Moses as our playmakers, and we were winning match after match. Then, tragedy struck and we lost to Shakhtar and United back to back. Things just started to fall apart from then onwards. We lost our lead in the Premier League, our place in the CL, and eventually our beloved Di Matteo.

Watching Chelsea matches these days has become the equivalent of watching a match from the 3rd Tier of English football, dare I say ... even worse. These is no passion in the players eyes, no love for the badge, no hunger for glory. To date we have managed to lose 5 trophies this year, not counting the Premier League, to the likes of Swansea, Atletico, Corinthians, and Shakhtar, teams that should realistically be no match for the Champions of Europe.

I ask you now my fellow Blues, what the hell is going on? Is Torres really that much of a jinx? Are our defenders really that bad? Are Rafa's tactics so terrible, that we hardly ever manage to pose an attacking threat the opponents penalty box? Or is it, as I see it, the fact that our leading men are only concerned with their exorbitant wages. Hazard has already said he wants to play for Real, something I think is insane to say during your first year at your new club. All Torres wants to do is run around the pitch, so he can cash in his cheques. As for those who do care, like David, Cech, Lampard, Mata and Co., well you really cant do much when you have a striker the equivalent of a player from League 2.

I watched our match against Bucuresti, and then Tottenham vs Inter. Tottenham managed to absolutely annihilate Inter, a much stronger side than Bucuresti, while all we did was .. nothing at all really. I now even fear that we might not even be able to secure a top four finish this year, which would mean no players with the quality of Falcao etc. would even consider Chelsea an option' we might even end up losing some of our players.

All I hope for now is that the King returns to his place at the dugout of the Bridge, if our clubs Russian Overlord manages to let go of his arrogance, and do what is best for the team. Teams like Tottenham and Everton are on the rise, Financial Fair Play is being set to motion, this summer may be our last chance. All we can do now is hope. Thank You for listening to the rambings of a frustrated fellow Blue.

-The Only Way is Jose.

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