My Top 10 Chelsea Games

Things have been going really, really well for Chelsea lately. The team is playing well, there's full support for the possible future Spain manager (therefore future World Coach of the year award winner) and with us being the European Champions we can wipe any team we play off of the pitch.So because of this, I decided it might be fun to look back at my top 10 Chelsea matches. going to exclude a certain night in May 2012, because I'm sure I enjoyed it but I can't quite put my finger on what the match was. This is my first fanpost so apologies if its totally wrong 10. Chelsea 4-0 Norwich- January 2002 I'm sure many of us will remember this game, simply for a bit of magic from one of the clubs greatest ever players. Stanic, Lampard and Forssell all scored, but Gianfranco Zola’s goal to make it 3-0 was simply exquisite and Fernando Torres-eque.

9. Chelsea 6-1 QPR- April 2012

For me, beating QPR is only bettered by beating Manchester United and to see this demolition, including a Fernando Torres hat-trick, was brilliant. The other 3 were added by now departed Daniel Sturridge, part-time bench warmer John Terry and U21 footballer Florent Malouda (the young talent!) Malouda also then managed to hit a shot so high it hit the big screen inside the ground.

8. Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool- May 2003

Chelsea managed to secure Champions League qualification by beating Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on the last day of the season. After Sami Hyppia put Liverpool ahead, Marcel Desailly quickly equalized before a well place shot by Jasper Gronkjaer won the game in the 26th minute. So began Roman’s obsession.

7. Chelsea 4-1 Napoli February 2012

AVB had just been sacked and Roberto Di Matteo sent out the old guard to try and overturn a 3-1 deficit from the first leg. You all know the story from here. Typical. A Didier Drogba header from out of nowhere, John Terry pitching in, and Frank Lampard keeping his cool from the spot to send the tie into extra time before Branislav Ivanovic fired a snap-shot into the roof of the net and the stadium erupted. After all the woes that had gone before, the team proved a lot of people wrong.

6. Chelsea 1-0 Aston Villa – May 2000

The last ever FA Cup final at the old Wembley and the first ever Chelsea game I attended, aged just five. One of the men who has managed Chelsea this season scored a 72nd minute to bring Chelsea a 3rd FA Cup (and it wasn’t Rafa.)

5. Chelsea 2-1 Leeds April 1970 The clubs first FA Cup, in the first FA Cup replay since 1912. It is also the sixth highest viewed broadcast within the UK, with 28 million people tuning in. I wasn’t alive for this, but I have seen the game many times. Peter Osgood and David Webb were the scorers for the blues that day, in possibly the dirtiest FA Cup Final of all time.

4. Chelsea 3-0 Manchester United- April 2006

I hate Manchester United. I love it when they lose. I love it even more when they lose to us. I love it EVEN more when they lose to us and hand us the Premier League Title. William Gallas, Joe Cole and Ricardo Carvalho with the goals.

3. Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool- April 2009 Possibly the best Champions League Chelsea game I’ve seen in terms of action. Aurelio put Liverpool ahead after a Cech mistake, and the lead was doubled by an Alonso penalty as they looked to overturn Chelsea’s 3-1 first leg lead. Drogba scored from an acute angle before Alex rifled home a free-kick. Lampard scored two late goals in between of which Lucas and Kuyt gave Liverpool hope. Haha Rafa. Next came Barca and Ovrebo.

2. Bolton 0-2 Chelsea-April 2005 Chelsea seal their first title in 50 years with a Frank Lampard double, pandemonium. Not much else to say.

1.Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea- April 2012 Wow. Chelsea led 1-0 going into the Camp Nou, with Cahill going off early on, Luiz already injured and Terry losing his mind and being sent off after Busquets gave Barcelona the lead. Our backline consisted of Cole, Ivanovic, Bosingwa, Ramires (and pretty much the rest of the team.) Iniesta doubled Barcelona’s lead shortly after. Down to 10 men, with a makeshift defence, away from home against arguably the greatest club team of al time. Suddenly Chelsea break, Lampard plays it through and Ramires chips Valdes. Chelsea struggle to hold on before the ball breaks to Fernando Torres, and Gary Neville loses it. href=""> So they're my favourites, feel free to add any suggestions or your own in the comments section. Anyone else noticed how good a month April is?

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