Next Chelsea Manager

Hi Lads, how's it going. This is actually my first fan-post here on WAGNH. The first time I saw this site was about this same time last year. However, I've never actually picked up the guts to participate in all the fun stuff that goes on here. I had wanted to do a fan-post for a while now and whereas a few months ago it would be on strikers... This one is on Managers.

Here are the people I consider realistic candidates for the Chelsea Job and I will go out on a limb now and say that I am positive our next manager is on this list:

Jose Mourinho- We all know him and we all love him currently the bookies favorite as well and looks likely to leave Real Madrid. Virtually everyone's preferred choice the question is, if Real manage to win the Champions League would he still be pushed out of Real? Has he repaired his relationship with Roman? Would he chose Chelsea over PSG, Man City and Man United.

Manuel Pelligrini- We've recently heard his name bandied about and Stephen's article proves that he seems to be a quality manager. I believe he'd have similar success levels to Ancelotti. However, I doubt he'd stay for more than 3 years. He also would need a few more signings in my opinion to be able to challenge for the league. I wouldn't mind him but of course the special one would be top choice.

David Moyes- He's done a marvelous job at Everton with limited resources and is an astute tactician. My question is, does he have what it takes to manage a top club like Chelsea and perhaps adjust his more pragmatic style? I am an admirer of Moyes but I'm not sure he'd succeed with us.

Antonio Conte- I'm a big fan of Juventus' playing style right now and I think Conte's work hasn't gone unnoticed. He's turned them into a european force with arguably the strongest midfield in europe containing Marchisio, Pirlo, Vidal and Pogba. I wouldn't mind Conte and I like his 352 formation. Not sure if he'd bring the kind of football Juve's playing to Chelsea though. For me he is tied for second place. Stylish manager and I think he could have success similar to that of Ancelotti's reign.

Guus Hiddink- Personally I quite like him. I mean what is not to like. We all like him but I'm not convinced we'd be as good as we were with him in the first spell. I think Hiddink is a possibility as we saw with the post earlier in the year citing SFUnion's Domm Norris. He seemed pretty confident but much has changed in the last month.

Zola/Poyet- Both popular among fans but I'm not sure if they'd make the cut at Chelsea or even be considered by Abramovich.

Diego Simeone- Last man on the list. He's had success with Atletico this season but would he be able to do the job at Chelsea? Personally I'm not a huge fan of his.

That's all from me. Please let me know if you liked my first post and also chat away about who you think our next manager will be. Give a reason, and then say who you would like. Have Fun.

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