Hello again from Montenegro!

I can see now that my fan post from yesterday was deleted, i guess because it was mostly talking about national teams of England and Montenegro.

Nevertheless, interesting thing was started in comments area, before the post was deleted, and it was talking about Montenegrin player, Stevan Jovetić. As summer transfer window is nearing, and speculations will start soon, mostly regarding our next manager, but also about players that may come or go... I think we all agree in one thing, that summer acquisitions or departures will mostly depend on who will be our next manager, and what he will try to infiltrate in our squad. Despite uncertainty about who will be our next manager, i guess we are free to talk about our wishes, and I would really like us to talk about my compatriot, aforementioned Stevan Jovetić.

I see him as excellent addition to our squad, and i don't say this only because he is from Montenegro, nor do to the fact that I know him, rather due to several reasons:

1. Jovetic is part of Fiorentina first team since 2008, and has established himself as probably most important player of the squad - 127 games for Fiorentina, 39 goals, 23 assists. He was involved or scored in 0,48 goals per match totally in Seria A career. Seria A perhaps can't be compared to Premier League, but neither can Stevan's teammates from Fiorentina to ones that could he have in Chelsea. In addition, on top level he has played 26 games for Montenegro national team (yes, the same national team that is on top of WC qualifying group H, and yes in front of England national team) scoring 10 goals and 6 assists. He has also established himself as leader of national team along with Mirko Vucinic. He is, although quiet of the pitch (reminding me on Juan Mata!), true leader on the pitch, and although only 22 years old he is very experienced player.

2. Again to look back on his age... He is 22, and therefore significantly younger than our similar transfer targets - Cavani 26 and Falcao 27. Being 22 years old, his best playing years are yet to come, and he can develop into the one of the best players in Premier League.

3. When comparing to Cavani and Falcao, our top transfer targets, we can't compare if we don't compare their price tags. I believe we can get Jovetic for somewhere between 25 and 30 MEUR, while for Cavani or Falcao we would have to buy at least twice as much as we would pay for Jo-Jo (Jovetic). Of course Jo-Jo would ask for significantly lower salary, signing on fees and manager fees.

4. Jovetic is far more versatile player that both Cavani and Falcao. We could use him successfully on several different positions up front - as classical CF, or as WF, AMC or even W. He is very gifted player, who can do all kind of things with the ball and in a small space. He has great understanding of the game and great vision and creativity so i think he would easily fit with Juan, Eden and Oscar or with anyone who will pay in front.

5. Another thing, I have to say not less important is the fact that some of us forget that we have already paid 22 MEUR for CF last summer, and another 8,5 MEUR this winter. If we neglect Demba and Nando and their playing time, performances etc. in case of Falcao/Cavani addition, most important is influence of their addition to the development of Kraken. We have to say that he has proven himself this season on loan, and although he is very young i believe he is ready to deliver for us regularly starting from next season.

All in all, adding Jovetic would be a win-win situation for us comparing to adding Falcao/Cavani - we get extremely good young player for much less money, that can be used in different ways and that won't influence development of Lukaku.

Comments please...

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