Where would Fellaini fit into Chelsea lineup?

It's international break and so a good chance to check out progression made by Belgium national team (precisely, time to watch Kevin De Bruyne :-)). But this time it was kinda different, because a question came on my mind during that match.

We are - once again - heavily linked with Marouane Fellaini and I'm still not convinced, he would be good fit into Chelsea team. Don't get me wrong, I would relish to have plan B with tower behind striker who can score goal from nothing or bully defenders to gain space for our midgets, but.. where would he generally fit into Chelsea? Cause he is player who don't need to be rested.

Play him as AM in 4-2-3-1

This season in Everton (as well as in Belgium NT), he plays just behind striker. There's nothing wrong with this position and he would give us extra dimension, but.. watching Hazard on Friday, Eden was quality, but something was missing in his game*. He would flick the ball, but never got it back. Having all this big fellas around him (Dembelé, Vertongen, Fellaini, Benteke) limited his ability and he wasn't that impressive.

* Hazard and Mata are still some way from best players, but as a partnership they could already be the best duo in the world.

With Fellaini in AM position, we would directly lost our strongest weapon and reason why Mata & Hazard are so impressive this season. Moreover, playing Mata on the right wing would damage our defensive ability, because Johnny would drift all the time to left side to link up with Hazard. Our best formation is with Mata as AM, Hazard on either wing and another winger, who provides width (or links up with Mata while Hazard stretches the pitch). I can image Moses or De Bruyne on right/left wing, but just don't see trio Hazard - Fellaini - Mata being effective.

Play him as CM in 4-3-3

There is very much same problem with Mata and Hazard on opposite wings. Altought Oscar would play advanced playmaker and could link up with both of them.

Play him as CM in 4-2-3-1

I see this position as the best fit for him, but the problem is, he isn't even better passer than John Obi Mikel is. Also who would be his partner? Oriol Romeu, Mikel? No. Ramires? Yes, but would it be that better than Ramires-Mikel partnership? David Luiz? Again, he can play there with Obi Mikel and we are good to go.

Where do you see Fellaini playing most of the games? If AM, aren't you worried about breaking up Mata & Hazard connection and making us vulnerable in the back? If CM, will he even enhance our quality (as you would expect from 25 million acquisition)?

As far as I am concerned, I am against this transfer. I would rather buy true deep-laying midfielder, who would finally allow us to play balanced and effective 4-2-3-1. Also I would rather invest that money into central defender, who would allow us to play much higher line (Ezequiel Garay, Hummels or Subotič).

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