Is Tottenham's 'rise' good for us? I think so. Hear me out:

Tottenham - Arsenal = Huge rivalry.

Manchester United - Liverpool = Huge rivalry. (We can throw in Manchester City there too now.)

Everton - Liverpool = Huge rivalry.

Chelsea - Leeds United... err... well, we don't really see that rivalry often, do we? Could throw in West Ham United as the derby maybe..? But that's not exactly heart-stopping stuff!

Chelsea vs. Arsenal is of course a London derby, but despite many of us (including myself) despising the fans of Arsenal and many of their former players, there's no real hate for them from most of us. There's always been a hate between Chelsea and Tottenham though, regardless how long you've been a supporter or how much/little you know about each club. They hate us for being polar opposites of almost everything they stand for. We've always taken the piss out of their small club after humiliating them on countless occasions; But it's not as easy to do that anymore. They're now competing for the same spots we are in the same competitions that we're competing in. I think most of our fans hate them back primarily due to them being ignorant, dirty *insert your favourite swear word here* who think signing Chelsea rejects is some sort of achievement! Arsenal will always be Tottenham's biggest rival, but is Chelsea - Tottenham developing into one of the rivalries the world will stop for? I think so.

•They've got our ex-manager who's working wonders over there which is making some of us feel a bit bitter.

•We recently beat them in a cup final (which I can't even explain how much I enjoyed.)

•We've obviously had the history of pretty much abusing them as a team etc.

Oh, and remember that time when we won the Champions League Final thus preventing them from playing in the CL themselves the following season? Fun times.

Point is - it feels like this is finally turning into a proper rivalry. Our rivalry. Chelsea's biggest game of the year.

I know we've developed a rivalry with Manchester United over the last decade due to us being the biggest and most realistic contenders for the title for the majority of the last 10 years, but it's just not the same. It's not a derby.

The appeal of playing for Barcelona would be a lot less of an appeal if Real Madrid were to no longer exist. No one wants to join Barcelona to play in the Barcelona - Espanyol er, derby.

Having this rivalry can only help. In 10 years time, when the next Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard or whoever comes along and we're fighting for his signature, the idea of playing in THAT match between Chelsea - Tottenham has to be a lure.

I will always hope for Tottenham to lose & crash out of every cup competition, but is their rise actually good for us? I think so. Not to mention how much passion it will bring out of our players, hopefully forever embedding them with blue hearts, eh.

I for one, when older and finally with a woman and hopefully the dad of a lovely boy, will hope to be telling him tales of that rivalry between Chelsea - Tottenham, and that will be the game he wants to go to the most every season.

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