What to do with our loanees?

When this season right now isn't that fun. And it ain't. (Except that second half at Old Trafford - that was as fun as having a threesome with twin blonde swedes). Then I can't help to feel. I just want this over with. Lets move on. Lets go win everything next season. That'll be fun! I just want to qualify for next years Champions League and forget about this year completely. But next year, that'll be fun! And all those talents blossoming thats currently out on loan. Wauw, they will be great for us next year. But but... We can't have such a huge squad. What do we do with them?

Cech has been performing on a high level through the season for Chels and Courtois is first choice in Atl Madrid.

Atl Madrid is currently looking to qualify quite comfortably for Champions League, so a another season long loan to Atl Madrid seems obvious.
Alternativley Chels could also opt to loan him out to another Premier League club to gain EPL experience.


Azpilicueta have taken his chance and is now first choice at right back with Ivano as good cover in Chels.

A Kalas return would probably mean limited game time for him, so another loan should be favoured.
Kalas have been doing splendid at Vitesse this season, and should be placed at a higher level in 13/14

If a suitable Premier League club with a good chance of pitch time can be found, I would go for this. It is time to sink or float for Kalas.
Personally I would love to see him at right back for Swans next season, their playing style would fit him and Rangel is not that overwhelming competition.

Patrick Van Aanholt:

Cole has renewed his contract another year and is a clear first choice next year in Chels.

He is however getting older and could be rotated more next year. Bertrand currently sits tightly on second place in the hieracy now.

But PvA had an amazing season at Vitesse and really developed. His offensive qualities is far better than Bertrands, and is arguably just as good as Bertrand defensively by now. However it is in the Dutch league he excelled.

Bertrand vs PvA looks a bit like a coin toss for now. I would have them battle it out in preseason and see who looks as the better prospect. If the plan is to rotate Cole quite a lot then the better prospect should be kept(I am betting on PvA to come out on top); if the plan is to rotate Cole as little as this year the better and most raw prospect should be loaned out to higher than the dutch league level, to keep developing.


Is not ready for regualr Chelsea first team football next year. Luiz, Cahill, Terry & Ivano is all higher in the peckingorder if he were to return and he would see very little of the pitch.
But had an amazing Africa Nations Cup! And generally a good season, so chould be loaned out to a higher level club. He is however only 19 years old so no need to rush things. Guarenteed playing time would be the primary goal of his next season, which could see him back in the Dutch League.


Didn’t see the expected game time this season for HSV, so no reason to sending him back there(Sorry Frank!). But not Chels lineup material either yet, so another loan to a club on the same level as HSV would be great. Next year he would have to grab the chance and develop further, else he seemed to have slowed too much to be anticipating developing into Chels material.
I would also be okay with a sale if the right offer comes.


Will be injured in 13/14


Boom! Damn this kid have been great this year for Watford. Watford have a great chance to get promoted. If they do, the best solution for Chalobah would be to continue ruling Watford. However technicalities could easily ruin that option, since EPL has way stricter rules for players on loan and Watford is featuring quite a lot of loanees. A good part of them from their ownership-connection-club Udinese. The owners would probably opt for giving the limited spots to the players they own themselves through other clubs, which could block a Chalobah extension.

If they don’t get promoted, they will be playing under less strict rules and a Chalobah extension should be fairly easy to agree upon. There are talks on getting stricter rules for loaness in the Championship, but they shouldn’t be a problem for next year anyway.

He just turned 18, so a year more in the Championship with serious pitch time would also see him develop further as a defensive midfielder, which is where I see his positional future.

The best might actually be to hope for Watford not to get promoted.


If he has a good end to the season with Millwall I would sent him back to the Championship next year on loan. Normally the previous club is a natural answer to that one if they come off a good spell. But this is Millwall. Be good to George and send him somewhere better please?


His best days are over. Test him in the open market and see how many pounds this once amazing Bison is worth. He played quite a bit for Real Madrid this season which cant look too bad for potential buyers. Thanks for everything, you are one of my all time favorites, but its time to say goodbye!

I’ve been thinking why we loaned him out to Real this season since the start of the campaign, and honestly I still don’t have a clue.


Have been great for Boro this season, and is after a few slow seasons showing the potential he showed under Ancelotti.
If Boro gets promoted, which looks like a quite long shot but still possible, I would keep him at Boro next year. If not: see if a suitable home in EPL can be found where the road to the pitch time looks fairly good. The loan have to work out better than last time at the Swans.

For people voicing for his return to Chels to save the Pivot problems. I don’t think he is the saviour for next season and would opt to go for the solution that develops him the best instead of a short term gain for Chels.


Not close to being good enough for Chels. Loan out again and hope for a fantastic development. Quite a longshot.


Looked good in the last part of the season, but still not good enough for Chels.

Should be loaned out again. He will be 22 by the start of the 13/14 season so it might be time to take a chance and loan him out to a club in a better league than the Dutch. Float or Sink Kakuta!

I wouldn’t mind a sale if we could get a good price now.

De Bruyne

De Bruyne is great. Chelsea pack of offensive midfielders is great and pretty stacked. See the problem?

KdB has been so good this season for Werder that he looks good enough for Chelsea. However to be able to move him into the squad space will have to be made.

I would loan out Marin and see if his career can get back on track!.That would create the needed room for KdB in Chels squad.

If we want to sell Marin, a good season on loan would only increase his value since this season has been in the basement and if we don’t want to sell Marin this could kickstart his career a again.

The lovely German midget needs playing time and confidence to get his game back on track, playing time which he wont see at Chels next season.See you in the loan round-up!

T. Hazard:

Having a great season in Belgium, but he is still a young kid and it’s the Belgian League. With Chels current loan strategy a move to Vitesse looks both probable and as a good idea. And he would still be kind of close to his family at home.


If Chels brings back KdB, then it doesn’t leave Piazon which much potential game time should he return. We however could have a real gem on our hands here, so a loan next season looks obvious to keep his development going.

Depending on how he finishes the season a loan back to Malaga next season could be the best solution. Anyway the Spanish league seems a good fit for him at this stage, and his few spells for Malaga so far proves he got the quality to be a regular in La Liga.


Release the Kraken at Stamford Bridge!

The rest I cant be bothered with as this point in time, since they are too far away from the first team or on the way out of Chels.

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