The oligarch giveth ...

... And taketh away.

Given = bottomless pile of cash.

Taken away = class, continuity.

I don't post much at all. But I've finally had my fill of some bad decisions, and can't help but believe they rest more with Ambramovich-Buck-Gourlay-Emenalo than FSW. (Although, after trying hard to give Rafa a chance, I've about given that up too.)

Clearly, when it comes to money, we are better off than just about any club. Though, is there a point at which you would trade that dirty post-Soviet cash for a quid of normalcy, continuity, class in the board room?

CFC has amazing fans but increasingly our history, context, passion seem irrelevant. Not that we should get a vote on transfer policy, but the RDM-FSW-Lampard situations show utter lack of regard.

Abramovich increasingly strikes me as the neighbor who won the lottery -- way more money than sense, loud parties on school nights, ugly architecture, surrounded by head-nodding friends who say yes to his every bizarre suggestion because by doing so, they might get lucky with one of the supermodels in his entourage.

RDM decision was classless, no matter one's assessment of his tactics or preparedness for such a big job.

The treatment of Lampard is beyond classless. Should they be paying him £200k per game? Of course not.

But they should at least offer him a decent extension. And they should be designing statues of Super Frank and counting down his march to the goal record with excitement after every successful strike. Instead, he's being shoved down the laundry chute while doing his best to lead the team in EPL scoring with strikes like that at Newcastle.

And Buck and Gourlay: Where are they ever when the tough questions are being posed? They are behind the one -way mirror, letting Rafa (maybe a decent manager, but an awful choice) twist in the wind. They are the essence of Montgomery Burns.


1. Torres appears to be untouchable. Even after Ba's arrival, he's first choice. Could even Rafa be so dumb as to think Nando is the more productive option? Of course not. Even my 14-year-old daughter, who thinks Torres is cute (dear God, I know) can't believe he keeps showing up in the first 11.

2. Sturridge is finding the net at Anfield. AND passing. (Or at least "shassing" with greater accuracy).

3. We keep talking about buying more overpriced forwards at peak value, while Barca mostly develops its talent in-house.

4. Lukaku wonders if he'll ever see the pitch at Stamford Bridge.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I'd really love it if the Politburo in charge at CFC would read Soccernomics.

I hope, with no real reason for hope, that someone there will grow some common sense. No, I don't want to be Everton. But being a mature version of Chelsea would be a nice change of pace.


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